11 Things All Single People Need To Get Over

At this point, there is so much that I have written about being single that anything else I say about the matter feels redundant. I’ve written about dumb “inspirational” quotes about single people! I’ve written about dumb pieces of advice that no single girl should ever follow! I have also written about the (not-dumb, IMO) things that single people can do and people in relationships cannot!

But there is one thing that, thus far, I have been unable to touch on–things that single people just need to get over, already. No offense. And, for what it is worth, single people are not the only people who need to get over themselves. People in relationships need to get over themselves, particularly if they are the type to buy matching clothes with their significant other. People who feel as though they are in relationship with their pet need to get over themselves.  I, too, need to get over myself, for reasons that are totally unrelated to my being single (mostly unfounded superiority and fluctuating feelings of self worth, which I feel stem largely from the fact that I am a Virgo, if you are wondering). But I am not (just) here to talk about my myself and/or my half-baked belief in astrology! I am here, instead to talk about things single people need to get over. Check them out here:

1. Assuming that everything someone says to you is a dig about being single.

Don’t be so paranoid, girl! People are quick to jump to the conclusion that any comment someone makes to them (“Hey, are you going with anyone to the dance?”)  is actually a snide one about being single, but, in most cases, it’s just a comment. Sometimes a conversation starter is just a conversation starter, you know?


2. Feeling weird about hanging out with your friends who are in relationships.

Go ahead and third wheel! Fifth wheel! Seventh wheel! It’s honestly not a big deal at all–if your friends have invited you somewhere, that means they want to hang out with you, so there’s no need to feel weird about it if your friends happen to be couples. As long as you’re giving them space when they’re, like, hooking up (which I assume you are), you’re totally fine.


3. Other couples, like, in general.

Don’t side-eye or boo-hiss couples you see when you’re. You probably don’t, but, just in case, it should be noted. It isn’t cute.


4. Your ex. 

Haha. Easier said than done, I know. But try not to pine away after them–you broke up for a reason, and constantly checking their on their Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Venmo transactions won’t make your single experience better.


5. Your not-ex past-hookup sorta-kinda-thing.

You know, that person you might have hooked up with or “talked” with for an extended period of time, but never really dated, and, as a result, never really got over. This is often harder, because the lines between “together” and “not” are not super clear-cut and thus harder to hurdle over, but there is often a good reason why you never ended up being with that person, right?


6. Going places alone.

Not a big deal. Really. In fact, I am of the belief that most things that are meant to be done with a partner–watching movies, eating, etc.–are often better alone.


7. Constantly feeling the need to rationalize the fact that you’re single.

Don’t give excuses. Nobody cares. Not in, like, a mean way–just in the way that no one thinks it’s an issue that you’re single, so you don’t have to explain it to anyone.


8. Constantly feeling the need to rationalize your use of dating apps.

You know, like, “I have Tinder, but only as a joke. I would never meet anyone online.” Stop this! As long as you’re of age, and asl long as you’re being safe, online dating is a totally cool, totally normal way to meet people. (If you want to. You don’t have to, obviously.)


9. Using social media as a platform to complain about being single.

Can you joke about being single? Of course. That is one of the best categories of joke, I think, right after that of Vines of people falling over. But if you’re using social media as a means of complaining about being single (or about other couples), you’re going to get unfollowed, fast.


10. Sinking fangs into anyone who tries to set you up with someone.

Look, I get it–being set up with someone when you haven’t asked to be can be super annoying. But if you’ve been exhibiting some of the behaviors above, you’re probably sending signals to your friends that you’re not particularly happy being single, and, thus, you’d like to be set up with someone.

If this is not the case, just calmly explain that you’re happy being single right now, thanks, and you will let them know if that changes.


11. Being single.

Actually, this whole post could have just been this, probably. It’s not a big deal, being single. Really.


Are you single? Do you agree with any of these things? Let us know in the comments!

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