7 Of Your Favorite TV Shows That Aren’t Coming Back This Fall

One of the saddest things ever is when your favorite TV show ends (this is NOT dramatic at all). It can be even worse when it ends abruptly or gets cancelled. Unfortunately, it happens a lot. Especially now, with the rise of online streaming and shows on Hulu and Netflix, it seems like more and more shows are disappearing from your TV screens every year. The good part about cancelled TV shows is that you can mostly always stream the entire series online after it ends. The bad part is having to say goodbye to your favorite characters way too soon. And unfortunately, this happens every single fall season when we realize that some of our favorites have been unexpectedly cancelled.

It might not sound like a big issue, but TV shows are awesome. They give us funny, sad or dramatic stories to tune into in order to forget how stressed out we are are about our own lives. In high school, I would look forward to going over to my friend’s house on a Monday night to watch the new episode of Gossip Girl. Eventually, the show ended, and although the ending was slightly disappointing, it was still sad to say good bye to the characters I had become so familiar with. Sometimes shows can seem to go on for way too long (Degrassi is still kickin’ after 14 seasons) but other times, they end way too soon, and it can really stink. Here are some shows that are not coming back this fall, so you don’t have to get your hopes up then have them be crushed by the time September rolls around.

Faking It

This show explored the complexity of being sexually confused while also having to deal with high school. It centered on two best friends who get mistaken for a lesbian couple, but then realize that there actually might be feelings there. The characters were very relatable and realistic. Unfortunately, it won't be returning for a fourth season, but you an watch seasons one-three on MTV.com.


Another MTV show is biting the dust, but this one is ending after five seasons. Awkward told the story of an awkward high school girl who ran a blog and, let's face it, we've all been there. It was funny and weird, but definitely worth the watch. MTV said the fifth season would be the last, but certain cast members are still hopeful that the show could continue on in the future. Either way, there is currently no word on if the show will be renewed, so it's almost certainly gone for good.

The Muppets

After one season, the famous puppets couldn't gain enough viewers to grant it a second season. The show was actually really funny and cute, and centered around the famous Miss Piggy and her late night talk show, along with her never-ending drama with Kermit the frog. You can watch the first season on ABC.com.

Gravity Falls

This Disney Channel show was a huge success, but unfortunately it had to end at some point, and most Disney shows don't seem to make it past three seasons anyway. The show was about two young twins who went to live with their uncle for the summer and discovered how weird their uncle's town really was. You can watch the first two seasons on Hulu.

Finding Carter

MTV shows are just dropping left and right these days. This drama was about a teen who realized her 'mother' was actually her kidnapper who took her has a child, so she goes and lives with her biological family, who are very different from her. After two seasons, MTV decided not to renew the show, leaving the second season finale cliffhangers unanswered. You can still stream the drama online at MTV.com, and make guesses about what would have happened, if the show continued.


If you've ever felt 'undateable' this show is super #Relatable. It follows a group of young people in their twenties and thirties living in a city and trying, but mostly failing, to get dates. The third and final season aired live every week, which made for good TV, but failed to gain enough viewers. You can still watch the old episodes online at NBC.com.

Agent Carter

Ugh, this show had so much potential, but not enough viewers. The show, which took place in 1946, focused on Agent Peggy Carter, a secret agent who would go undercover to find out government secrets. She was a super bad-ass character who was the brains behind all of her male superhero peers. You can watch the first season online at ABC.com.

Are you sad about these shows ending? Tell us in the comments!

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