14 White People Who Look Exactly Like Other White People

It is no secret that there is nothing on this earth that is better than making fun of white people. It’s true! I–a person who just so happens to be white, myself–can personally attest to this fact. It’s almost impossible not to make fun of white people, in fact–We are always doing objectively and unforgivably asinine things like going to Burning Man (to find ourselves), adhering to a strict gluten-free diet for no reason other than boredom and that Gwyneth Paltrow said it might be a good idea (to find ourselves), and getting caught up in dangerous cults that require its members to live in the woods, build huts of twigs and empty canisters of dry shampoo, and engage in “root-affirming” coven rituals. To find ourselves.

The chief reason why making fun of white people is hilarious, however, is because a lot of white people tend to look alike. I, for one, cannot explain why. Maybe it’s our similar probiotic-rich, artisan, home-brewed Kombucha-based diets, or maybe it’s purely psycho-sematic, a result of us all being named “KatieLynn” and “Brooke” and “Wyatt.” Either way, the results are (purely anecdotally, not scientifically proven at all) conclusive–most white people look uncannily like other white people. Check out these pictures that prove it: 

1. I mean…




3. There really is conclusive evidence in this tweet alone:


4. To paraphrase Chrissy Teigen, how did they pick a winner out of such a diverse crew?


5. Hmmm:


6. This is….true, actually:


7. It is true that Justin looks like a lot of people:


8. Heh:


9. Here is the worst pool in the world–a pool of Chads:


10. Speaking of people named “Chad:”


11. Welp:


12. *Sips artisan, home-brewed Kombucha:*


13. *Spits out artisan, home-brewed Kombucha:*


14. Welp. Goodbye:

Well, what do you think? Do all of these white people look alike? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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