6 Reasons You Need To Look At Your Vagina Right Now

When it comes to all things health and sex-related, we can still learn a lot from Sex and the City. (There’s a reason why “sex” is in the name of the show, obvs.) Golden showers, funky tasting spunk, and micropenises were just a few of the many lessons we learned from Carrie and Co. Another key lesson we learned from the fab four was the importance of looking in a hand mirror at our vaginas.

If you haven’t watched the episode 5,000 times, allow me to summarize it for you: Charlotte finds out that she has a “depressed vagina” and reveals that she has never actually looked at herself down there. Everyone else is shocked that she has never done it. Of course, the episode ends with Charlotte grabbing a mirror and having a good hard look at her cooch. *End scene*

It might sound silly, but it’s not! Looking at your vag is important, and unfortunately, it’s something that girls aren’t really told to do a lot. There could be a lot of things going on down there that you won’t know about unless you actually look at it. FYI: Gazing at it from your usual bird’s eye angle when you’re in the shower doesn’t count. You cannot see anything from all the way up there. You need to be grabbing a hand mirror like Charlotte and checking things out. Still not convinced? Here are six reasons you need to look at your vagina right now:

You Have To Familiarize Yourself

How else are you going to ever know that anything is wrong with your vag if you're not familiar with what it looks like to begin with? You don't need to go as far as drawing a diagram and taking pictures. If you at least look in a mirror from time to time, you'll notice if anything seems off. This is an important part of your body - you have to know what's really going on down there.

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Doing So Can Make You Better At Masturbating

Do you just stick your hand down there until you find the sweet spot when you're masturbating? Wouldn't it be more effective - and more pleasurable - if you had some idea of what you were fondling down there? If you want to make things super sexy, try masturbating while looking in the mirror.

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It Can Help You Detect Any Problems

Do you want to wait until you feel something is wrong, or would you rather see it first? No one wants any burning or itching down there. If you notice something is wrong with your vagina when you're inspecting it, you can hopefully treat it ASAP before it gets worse. When you take a gander at your vag, you can look for ingrown hairs, discharge, and any other curious bumps.

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It Can Give You A Better Orgasm

Just like looking down there makes you better at masturbation, it also makes you better at sex in general. If you know exactly where things feel good, you'll be able to better instruct your partner on what to do and how to do it. This, in turn, gives you a better orgasm. How can you argue with that?

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It Can Contribute To Self-Love

No, not masturbating - we already talked about that! Looking at your vagina can make you feel more proud to have a vagina, if that makes sense. A lot of girls feel weird about their vag and the way it looks, but familiarizing yourself with it and reminding yourself of the awesome things it does can make you feel pride about being a woman with a vag.

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It Can Cut Down Gyno Appointments

How often do you think something is wrong down there, then rush to make a gyno appointment? If you're a little paranoid, probably a lot. Looking at your own vagina can help you see if it looks abnormal, which might save you some unnecessary trips.

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Do you regularly look at your vagina? Have you ever done it before? Let us know in the comments!

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