13 Cool Colors To Dye Your Hair For A Fresh Start This Fall

Looking for a fresh start this school year? You might want to start with your hair–specifically, with dying your hair. It’s not quite as shocking to have a neon streak here or a hint of bleach there as it once was, but it still brings on a little jolt of recognition. There are also increasing amounts of semi and demi-permanent dyes to choose from, so dying your hair an offbeat color doesn’t mean that you have to commit to it until it grows out–you just have to commit to it for a few washes. Last month, I too wanted a fresh start(for Instagram purposes, obviously), so I tried to dye my hair blue, just as I had seen the cool girls in Brooklyn do. My hair did not take to the dye, however, so to get the Instagram clout I so badly craved, I had to use some heavy-duty filters and the heady power of suggestion to make followers think that I did, in fact, dye my hair blue:

some thrilling personal news to share: apparently my hair rejects dye but it is a little bit blue now thank you @matrixusa

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So, a warning–if your hair is very dark, coarse, and inexplicably gray in some sections, like mine, these hair dye colors might not work for you. But you should still check them out! Here are some awesome hair colors to rock on the first day of school to have the perfect fresh start:

1. Rainbow hair says “I came to slay on literally everyone this year:”


2. While dying your hair with Kool-Aid says “I came to slay on literally everyone this year–on a budget, too:”

Reminiscing on the time I went insane and dyed my hair purple #boutayearago #missingit #koolaidhair

A photo posted by Kellsie Elo (@kellsieelo) on


3. You can go for a classic ombre color:

Ombré from @kn.hair follow her!

A photo posted by Ombre Hairstyles (@ombrehairstyles) on


4. Or one that has a little more of a “jolt:”

Look at this beautiful ombré submitted by @sapirzouarets

A photo posted by Ombre Hairstyles(@ombrehairstyles) on


5. Our own Ashley Reese dyed her hair this awesome copper color, which is a cool, unexpected tint for anyone to try:


6. Gray hair is the ultimate “cool girl” color to try:


7. Also worthy of consideration–gray hair with colored roots:

A photo posted by portia (@pluvianplant) on


8. You can also try dyed tips, if yo’re looking for something that isn’t as much of a commitment:


9. Rose gold is, of course, the most on-trend way to go:

BLUSHING ROSE BRAIDS playing with hair @atelierbysquare @squaresalonlv

A photo posted by Celia D. LV Hairstylist (@hairluvbycelia) on


10. Though, of course, you can also try a more watered-down version (still looks awesome in a braid):


11. Feeling some Suicide Squad vibes? Try out a greenish tint:


12. Or, you can just go all-out Harley Quinn:


13. Oh, and here’s an actual blue tint:

#waveseason @notanothersalon #notanothersalon #navyhair #curlyhair

A photo posted by Jess Barber-Cruz (@jessbcruz) on

Would you dye your hair any of these colors? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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