15 DIY Calendars You Need To Make For Your Best School Year Yet

A new calendar logically seems like something you should buy in December, right before the beginning of a brand new year. But to me, September always feels more like the start of a new year than January. So many things are happening: the weather is changing, school is starting (for most people), new beginnings are all over the place, and people’s lives are about to change. While stocking up on cute school supplies and new clothes for fall, it only makes sense to get yourself a calendar as well. The only problem? Most calendars are made for one year – there are options out there that start in the middle of the year, but not that many. So why not make your own calendar?

A DIY calendar is fun and easy to create, and it’s great because it allows you to get exactly what you want out of it. Want a calendar just for the next few months? You can do that! Want one for now until 2018? You can do that too! There’s something for everyone here, too, whether you want a large calendar to hang on the wall or something to sit on your desk. There are options so that you can write what you’re doing each day, or options that just help you keep track of the date. And then there are purely aesthetically pleasing calendars, which are more for decoration than anything else. These tutorials are proof that just because your calendar is on your phone doesn’t mean you can’t have one IRL too. Check out these DIY calendars, make one, and prepared to stay organized for the new school year.

1. If you’re looking for a cute desk calendar, this flip option is perfect. It’s useful and also works as pretty desk decor. 




2. If you want the whole year spread out in front of you and you have the room, make this giant calendar. It’s simple and allows you to really plan and schedule while keeping everything in view. 




3. If you know you’ll keep up with changing this every day, this cool calendar is fun to look at and keeps you up to date – literally.




4. A chalkboard calendar is super easy to make and use. 




5. A flip calendar is easy to use and a good option if you don’t need to write things down on the calendar. This one is cool because you can also show off some of your photos at the same time.




6. If you have the room, making a giant acrylic calendar looks professional and awesome, and is super easy to use and write on.




7. Keep it simple with a flip desk calendar like this one that fits nicely inside an old photo frame you no longer use.




8. If you want something you created but you don’t want to do too much work, the Internet offers tons of free printable calendar pages. Put them on a clipboard, hang it up, and bam: you’ve got a DIY calendar! 




9. Make a flip calendar that also features the day of the week and an inspirational quote or pretty photo. 




10. Paint chips are an easy and inexpensive way to make a bright, color-coordinated calendar. This one on corkboard is super versatile, easy to use and make, and looks cool to boot.




11. For something different, use chalkboard tape to make a wall calendar. It’s easy to write on and replace if needed. 




12. Washi tape and Post-It notes are another easy way to make a cool and colorful wall calendar. Bonus: you can pull the Post-It notes off and take them with you if needed. 




13. Make a dry erase calendar that is super easy to write on and clean up. Glittersilk makes it so aesthetically pleasing. 




14. Show off your Instagram photos and stay organized at the same time with this pretty DIY calendar.




15. For extra organization, add your calendar to a command center. Make a dry erase calendar, dry erase note board, and whatever else you want! 



Which one of these DIY calendars is your favorite? Are you going to make one? Let me know in the comments!

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