10 Surprisingly Positive Things About Fighting With Bae

Every couple fights. If they say they don’t, they’re either lying to you or lying to themselves. Even the “perfect” relationship has bumps in the road. Fighting is actually necessary for a relationship to grow and thrive. If you’re not arguing, that means you’re not communicating or being honest about your feelings, which is key for any good couple. You’re not likely to see photos of the happy couple yelling at each other on Instagram, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. If you’re in a new relationship that hasn’t run into any problems yet, it probably feels like you hit the jackpot. Don’t be fooled though—at some point, there will be an argument. It will feel crappy and horrible, but trust me: there are positive things about fighting with bae.

No one likes the couple that is constantly tearing each other apart in public, putting one another down, and breaking up every other day. So, obviously when it’s happening that often, it’s not good, and there probably aren’t many good things about it. But if it’s just once in a while, even if it’s over silly things, it can actually be healthy for you guys. After all, if you never learn what’s broken, then how can you fix the cracks you can’t see? If you’re feeling down about your argument with bae, here are some positive things about relationship fights. Remember them for next time!

It's A Sign That You're Comfortable With Each Other

It takes a certain level of familiarity to argue. You have to be comfortable getting into the nitty gritty. Not to mention, arguing requires some vulnerability - presenting your feelings to someone means you're comfortable enough to open up to them. One of the reasons new couples don't argue as much is because they're often unwillingly to open up that much.

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It Allows You To Open Up To One Another

Yelling at each other might not be the most productive way to do this, but you're actually sharing your opinions with one another. Your emotions are laid out there for each other to see. A lot of couples feel like they don't truly get to know each other until their first argument, or after their first argument when they're working things through.

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You're Learning How To Compromise

This is a skill that will help you as a couple and as an individual. It's rare that one person is 100 percent correct in an argument. A fight requires give and take, so the two of you will learn how to balance your needs with the needs of your significant other. Compromising is a life skill everyone needs to have.

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You Discover The Depth Of Your Feelings

You don't tend to fight with someone you don't care about very much, because you don't care that much about the situation you're in. If you do get in an argument and want to jump ship immediately, it's clear you're not in the right relationship. If you get in an argument and want to work it out, you know it's worth hanging on.

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You Learn How To Improve Your Relationship

No one sits down at the start of a relationship and lists every single one of their likes and dislikes. Hence, when you have dissimilar opinions, you get into an argument. Fighting is a chance to learn what you each want out of your relationship. As long as you actually work on it, an argument can actually be productive.

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It Proves You Guys Are A Good Match

If you only experience smooth sailing, you'll never get stronger as a couple - and you'll get bored. You don't want to cause drama for the hell of it, but experiencing some turmoil together allows you a chance to bond and grow as a couple.

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You Figure Out How To Deal With Problems Without Them

Your boo is probably your go-to when you have an issue, and they'll help you through anything. When they are they issue, you're left to deal with the problem on your own. Trust me, you can do it!

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You Learn What Your Friends Really Think Of Them

Of course your friends are going to have your back and pick your side in an argument with bae. But if they immediately jump to, "we never liked them anyway" and tell you to break up, it's likely they never approved to begin with. If they dig your S.O. then they'll help talk through the problems with you and give advice.

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You've Reached A Milestone In Your Relationship

Congrats! You've officially had a fight. This is actually something to celebrate: you've passed the honeymoon phase and you still want to be together. It's easy to be a couple when everything is easy breezy, but it takes real commitment to stay together when you know everything isn't perfect.

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Bonus: Make-Up Making Out

Enough said.

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Why do you think it’s good to fight with bae? What do you disagree with? Let me know in the comments!

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