7 Easy Ways To Make Sex Last Longer

When you start having sex, there are a ton of things that are going through your mind the whole time. And then, it’s over like that, because the first time you have sex normally doesn’t last that long. That’s okay! Even though it’s totally normal to have short sex, it can be a bit annoying. Sex is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, and not seem like a race to the finish line.

Recently, User kimmieecake came to our boards with an issue. She wrote “[My boyfriend and I] had sex but I was on top and I swear it was like 3-4 pumps or whatever you want to call it when you’re on top riding and he came! Maybe 10 seconds he lasted. I was a little disappointed I may say. So my question is how do you make it all last longer? Skip the foreplay and go straight to it? I don’t mind that sometimes. I almost think if I hadn’t gave a little hj he wouldn’t have been done so fast. I couldn’t even tell you what it felt like because it happened so fast. Please help!!” Obviously, everyone is different, and some things work for some people but not for others. The best thing you can do is figure out what is comfortable for both you and your partner! Luckily, our users have all been there, so here is what they said to help sex last longer. 

What do you think of these tips from our users? Do you have any questions about sex? Come talk to us on the boards! 

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