9 Ways To Update Your Wardrobe For School Without Spending A Lot Of Money

It would be nice if, at the beginning of each and every school year, we could go and clear out the mall. Imagine buying an entirely new wardrobe and snatching up everything that catches your eye. Fall fashion is the best fashion, and we all want to update our wardrobe a little bit for the new year – making a good first impression and all that. Unfortunately, that situation is going to remain a daydream for many of us. The chances of that ever happening are about as likely as teachers deciding to do away with homework. Sniff.

Getting our school supplies and books are a priority. Ditto for dorm room necessities. After that, you’re lucky if you have enough cash leftover for a couple of tops, a pair of jeans, and some accessories. (Every year of college, I would look at my old receipts and wonder why books seemed to be as expensive as gold.) Putting together a whole new look may seem impossible with those thoughts in the back of your mind, but it definitely isn’y. You just need to get a little creative! You may not have an unlimited wardrobe budget to play with, but you can update your closet with some clever hacks that won’t have you seeing red when you get your credit card statement. Check out nine easy ways you can refresh your wardrobe for school:

How do you normally update your wardrobe for school? Let us know in the comments!

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