7 Facts About Bikini Waxing That You Need To Know

I never really understood waxing. It seems like an unnecessarily painful way to remove hair. But, one thing is for certain: it can be really effective! Especially if you don’t like being hairy. If you do, then more power to you! Even though summer is ending, bikini waxes aren’t just used for bikinis. Bikini waxes have become increasingly common since it’s an effective way to remove hair for a long period of time. So if you ever thought about trying one, now might be the time!

There are a lot of things to know about waxing, though. Even though it seems like a quick in-and-out process, there are a lot of things you need to know both before and after getting waxed. Did you know you really shouldn’t bath after? I didn’t! Take a look at these facts that you need to know before getting a bikini wax!


1. You Shouldn’t Bathe For At Least 24 Hours Afterwards

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Even though you’ll want to, doctors recommend avoiding baths or jacuzzis for a few days after getting a wax. This is because the risk of infection is high after getting a wax, since your skin is super sensitive. Better to avoid a bath than to get some weird infection. Try and wait a few days!


2. You Should Avoid Tight Clothes

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Let your vagina breathe! Wearing tight clothes like yoga pants or skinny jeans could cause you to sweat more and clog your follicles, which is bad for freshly waxed skin and can cause bumps. Be sure to wear something loose for a few hours after your wax.


3. You Are More Likely To Get Ingrown Hairs from Waxing

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Waxing physically pulls the hair follicles from your skin, so when they grow back, they are more likely to be ingrown and cause bumps and irritation. The good news is that it can be treated by exfoliating before and after your wax.


4. You Have To Grow Out Your Hair Before

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In order for you to get waxed, it’s best to have the hair be a certain length, which means that you can’t shave down there for at least a few days before you go get waxed. Your hair should be at least 1/4-1/2 an inch long in order to be waxed.


5. You Can Get Little White Heads Down There

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Waxing pulls the hair from the root, which can irritate the skin and cause white heads. It normally only happens the first time you get waxed, as it is your body getting used to the waxing, and it shouldn’t happen the next time you go!


6. You Could Get Burned

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If you go to a professional waxing place, it’s not very likely, but it’s still possible. It’s very easy for the wax to overheat and therefor burn your skin. It’s important to exfoliate before and after, and make sure that the person waxing you knows what they are doing!


7. It Can Hurt More Before Your Period

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While you can get a bikini wax before and during your period, it’s probably best to avoid it. During your time of the month, you are actually more susceptible to pain, which could make your bikini wax a lot more painful. Try and schedule it the week after your period!


Which of these facts surprised you? What did we miss? Tell us in the comments!

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