20 Of The Funniest #SelenaEndedJustinParty Tweets

It’s official: the summer of 2016 will forever be known as the summer of petty celebrity drama. First, we had Calvin Harris dragging Taylor Swift on Twitter. Then came the epic Kim Kardashian/Kanye West/Taylor Swift Snapchat drama that will more than likely live in our history books (just guessing, but it’s definitely true). A few days ago, Justin Bieber was the next star to take the petty road when he hashtagged #TaylorSwiftWhatUp. And now he’s getting a taste of his own medicine, because Selena Gomez just managed to tear him down in a single Instagram comment, and so, #SelenaEndedJustinParty was born.

Is the latest Selena and Justin drama ridiculous? Yes. Pointless? Yup. Petty AF? Definitely. Oddly amusing? Of course. Here’s the quick breakdown: Justin recently supposedly started dating Sofia Richie, and almost immediately went on an Instagram spree of almost identical selfies together. His fans got upset, as they do, and then Justin was all like, “Stop being mean or I’m making my Instagram private, if you were my fans you would support me.”

That didn’t go over well with his fans, who already had Justin on thin ice after his declaration that he would no longer be taking pictures with them. They reacted badly on social media, as they do, and then Selena jumped in with an Instagram comment that told Justin off, basically saying “Don’t post photos with your GF if you can’t handle the backlash.” Then, as if things couldn’t get better, Justin commented back trying to make Selena look bad, and THEN she threw him under the bus completely. And then Justin may or may not have accused her of cheating with Zayn Malik. Guys, honestly, I can’t handle it. Check it out below:

To be honest, Selena’s original comment seems unnecessary and slightly bitter. Like honestly, I wish I could call her up and be like, “Girl, don’t even get involved.” I can’t, because we’re not friends, but if I could, I would. And, to be honest again, I feel like Justin sort of had a point. I get that he has to accept the consequences of fame and all of that, and he doesn’t need to threaten his fans, but they also don’t need to start calling Sofia Richie names and sending her Insta death threats because she may or may not be dating Justin. But then Justin and Bieber didn’t need to start publicly airing each other’s dirty laundry, although really, it’s kind of amazing so I can’t complain too much.

Except for Twitter users, who are, as per usual, taking this opportunity to produce some fire tweets, as they say. Here are some of the funniest #SelenaEndedJustinParty tweets, because let’s be real: we can’t ignore the drama.

1. Literally everyone right now:


2. Justin right now, probably.


3. When you realize Kylie was right even though we all made fun of her endlessly:




5. Is this all payback for how Justin shaded Taylor last week?


6. When Selena is petty AF:


7. When you remember that Zayn might now also be involved:


8. When Beliebers turn on Justin and move to Selena.


9. Everyone trying to seem above it all:


10. This Selena gif is on point:


11. When Justin doesn’t fact check:


12. Honestly, this is everything.


13. When you really appreciate your love for Selena.


14. I don’t know who did this and why but it is amazing.


15. Selena, giving us a real life tutorial:


16. Basically, yeah.


17. Pointing out the flaws in Justin’s logic like:




19. Tragic.



Which one of these tweets did you think was the funniest? What are your thoughts on this drama? Tell us in the comments.

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