8 Foolproof Flirting Tips Every Beginner Must Know

Some of us are more gifted than others at the art of flirting. Like most things though, you can get better with a little practice! Your body is sending out a ton of signals to the people around you – the way you interact, sit, and smile says more than the words coming out of your mouth. That’s why you can sometimes have guys think that you’re into them even though you totally aren’t. (You were giving out the wrong signals!) Once you become aware of how you’re being perceived, you can use these signals like a superpower. It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane- no, it’s Flirting Girl!


If you think you’re bad at flirting, you might want to focus on a few basics. Mostly, it all stems out of being confident and unafraid to make moves. I know that when I start to like a person, I can freeze up or even close myself off. (The opposite of what I actually want to happen. Kill me.) Whether it’s a fear of rejection or just shyness, I rarely put myself out there when I’m seriously crushing on someone. I have friends, though, who seem to snag every person they set their sites on. They’ve mastered the art of flirting because they’re not afraid to fail at it.

People on this Ask Reddit thread weighed in on the basics of flirting that everyone should know. Here are the top eight keys to showing someone that you’re interested in them:

Give It Time

thatfcknguy: "For the ladies, if you're flirting with a guy and he doesn't seem to be receptive, it doesn't necessarily mean he's not interested. A lot of guys (especially those who aren't on the receiving end of flirting very often) will completely misinterpret your signals as 'she's just being friendly' or 'that's just her personality.' Sometimes you literally do have to straight up say, 'I like you, can we go out sometime?'"

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Take A Hint!

ext23: "Don't be afraid to assume somebody is flirting with you (within reason of course). If a person is asking questions about you, or asking your opinion on something, or constantly returning to the place where you are, or if you make eye contact with them more than once or twice, chances are they are flirting with you."

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Toe The Line

fool_on_a_hill: "Be confident but not cocky, be yourself mixed with a little social normality, be direct but not aggressive, and don't worry so much about the outcome- life goes on."

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Take Rejection Like A Pro

beejayyy: "Don't take rejection personally."

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Put Focus On The Other Person

mosnegerg: "Try to put focus more on the other person and really take interest in what they tell you about themselves. If you genuinely take interest in someone elses life instead of talking about yourself, they will do the same with yours."

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Be Positive

SplattercatOfficial: "Be witty but positive. A lot of people go dark with their comebacks and so on, and for some people that'll work. However, you probably wanna put the David Cross routine on hold until like..the fourth date and keep it fluffy."

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Get Physical

its_not_appropriate: "The subtle art of casual touching. This week: the playful slap!"

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Use Those Eyes

SadedOr: "Eyes. It's all about the eyes. Look up, eyes big, look down. Smile."

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Do you have any great flirting tips you want to share? Let me know in the comments below!

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