9 Types Of Pants You Need To Wear If You’re Tired Of Basic Blue Jeans

Who doesn’t own a pair of blue jeans? In this messy, divisive world of ours, it’s the only thing that can bring almost all of us together. Now, you’d be hard pressed to find a girl out there who doesn’t own a pair of blue skinny jeans that she relies on, especially when all other outfit ideas fizzle out.

But let’s be real: Sometimes our favorite pair of blue jeans just feel…boring AF. Like, there has to be more to life than trusty dark blue skinny jeans. We all know that there are a lot more options out there in the world of trousers, it’s just a matter of giving ’em a whirl. I know, it can be a little intimidating, but having more pants to choose from will only help, not hurt, your wardrobe and give you so many more outfits to play around with. So here are nine types of pants you need if you’re tired of basic blue jeans. It’s time to try something different, dude; you won’t regret it.


1. Colorful Straight Leg Pants

If all of your pants are blue or black jeans, congrats, you’ve found your first problem. Listen, don’t be afraid of some colorful pants. They can really add a little somethin’ somethin’ to wardrobe and can give new life to your usual jeans and a t-shirt combo. This might be outside of your comfort zone, but what’s life without some healthy risks?


2. Culottes

Some people just straight up can’t stand culottes. To that I say…fair enough. They aren’t for everybody. But if you don’t hate them, add another to your closet. If you’ve never tried a pair, give ’em a go the next time you’re shopping at your favorite store. Take advantage of the midi length with some platform shoes.


3. White Pants

White pants have a tendency to look super bold, and it makes sense. So much can go wrong with white pants: You could spill food on them, you can rock a pair that’s see through, you could be a total masochist and wear them when you’re on your period. But with some good bleach, a critical eye, and enough common sense to know to avoid wearing white if you’re bleeding out of your vagina, white could and should be in your future. Pair with a black top and black accessories for a look that’s easy to throw together.


4. Black Tapered/Straight Leg Pants

You might have a solid pair of black skinny jeans, but it’s nice to have some black pants that have a tapered look without being out of denim. That’s where these babies come in. They look a little more sophisticated than denim but can still be dressed down, so definitely take advantage of their versatility.


5. Corduroy Pants

Corduroy is a fall staple, and to take full advantage of this seasonal material, why not rock some corduroy pants? Try out some fun colors like mustard, blood red, or emerald green, or wear them in the form of overalls for fun layering ideas.


6. Dressy Leggings

If you’re very pro-leggings-as-pants, you should definitely have a couple of pairs of dressy leggings that–with the right supporting elements–can look really edgy and sophisticated in an instant. You can go for thick, pants like material with some serious shine like American Apparel’s disco pants, or opt for look that’s totally inspired by Sandy from Grease by wearing some leather-look leggings. Pair with ankle boots or heeled sandals and a sleeveless top and you’re good to go!


7. Flares

Flares are intimidating, and maybe they’re not the sort of pants you’ll wear on a regular basis now that it’s not 1969, but maaaaaaan, they’re really effing fun. Like, really fun. I don’t wear my pair all the time, but I’m glad that they’re around. So why not give them a try? You can keep safe by buying a pair of black flares, or go bold with colored ones.


8. Print Pants

Some suggest avoiding printed pants because they make people look bottom heavy. I say…eff that, prints are fun, okay? Life is too short to be dictated by rules like that. Find some pants with a print you like, put those pants on your body, be happy, the end.


9. Joggers

The explosion of joggers–AKA sweatpants that don’t look so sloppy–has dominated the fashion world for a couple of years now, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. So, why not try them out if you haven’t already? A harem pant style pairs nicely with a fitted top, and tailed joggers can quickly make your outfit sophisticated AF with a sweet pair of shoes and a bold lip. Plus, they’re beyond comfy, so whether you wear them out and about or just to lounge around the house, you’re winning no matter what.


Which of these pants do you actually see yourself wearing? Tell us in the comments!

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