15 Tweets That Perfectly Explain You When You’re Being A Little Bit Of A Bitch

In many ways, the word “bitch” has become obsolete. This is not from lack of use–rather, it’s from an overuse (abuse, really) in our current cultural vocabulary that, while useful for familiarizing people with the word itself, has divorced the word almost entirely from its original definition. (Which, if you are curious, is a female dog or a “lewd or immoral woman,” according to Merriam-Webster dictionary.)

It’s often thrown around in reference to friends (thank you, Nicole Richie), and used as the active noun in the title of “bad bitch” (a compliment) or “messy bitch” (also a compliment if “who lives for drama” is added on at the end). It is literally the title of a very cool feminist media company. This is not to say that the term “bitch” has been totally reclaimed so as not to be an insult anymore. We have not freed ourselves from that quite yet. But, usually, even if it is used as an insult, it’s done when the thing you’re doing is to be called a bitch is objectively pretty cool, like speaking your mind or taking charge of a situation, meaning that if you get called a bitch you can (probably) be like, “Hey, thanks!”

Still, though, it is possible that you have been a liiiiiittle bit of a bitch (not to be confused with a”little bitch,” which is, of course, something else entirely) you’re being a bitch in the most classical sense of the term. No judgment if so–in fact, lots of people are. So, check out these hilarious tweets that perfectly explain you when you’re being just a little bit of a lewd, immoral, female dog:

1. This sums you up, basically:


2. Someone asks you to smile? They better not:


3. You both deeply identify with, and feel a desire to mock, this photo:


4. You would do this, probably:


5. You would absolutely do this if your man ever dared to eat without you:


6. This is a reasonable response to getting ghosted, tbh:


7. You write the captions on CNN:


8. You get it from your mom, probably:


9. Inspiration:


10. Hehe:


11. You on Tinder:


12. Also you on Tinder:


13. You stand by your beliefs, no matter how controversial:


14. Too far? Or just far enough?


15. Career objectives, tbh:

What do you think of these tweets? Which one was your fave? Let us know in the comments!

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