12 Reasons Why Couples Should Never Wear Matching Clothes

I have always been skeptical of people who are keen on the idea of wearing matching clothes with their significant other all the time. You know, like, the people who actually go out and purchase those couple-y outfit pieces that are sold in sets of two, just so two legitimate adult people can wear them, in a way that is meant to be cute but quickly turns unsettling, like Behind The Candlebra.

In fact, I have just one question for couples who choose to wear matching clothes, and that question is: why? I mean, yes, I understand wearing coordinating clothes to an event like prom or a wedding, or doing the matching costumes thing for Halloween, but to wear actual matching uniforms, like two members of a sports team or boys’ choir, on an every day basis seems to me like little more than a way to get a bunch of Instagram photos you’ll regret, and, ultimately, delete.

Need proof? Check out these photos of couples in matching clothes and judge for yourself. Obviously, as always, do what you wish. You may use this list as an #outfitgoals inspirational post, and go out and buy every pair of matching camo pants and croc shoes for you and your S.O. to wear after reading it, should you so desire. But here are some photos, presented without commentary–okay, a little commentary–that prove, in my mind, why couples should never wear matching clothes:

1. NoOOoooo:

Cuteeee. Happy Friday!

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2. Must we wear matching underwear?

Tag someone you want to cuddle with on #NationalUnderwearDay #MeUndies

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3. And climb all over one another?

It’s #NationalUnderwearDay who wouldn’t want to match with their babe in #meundies

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4. Have we no decency???

Some @motivationforfitness for you all. Couples who train together remain together 😉

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5. No. Clearly, we haven’t. (These aren’t real Louboutins, right? They can’t be):


6. Daddy (sorry):


7. You know what? This is cute. It’s just that I accidentally pictured them wearing this every day, and now I can’t stop:




9. Ah, yes. “Soma Ulte,” the mantra that gets me through even the toughest of days:

Tag your soul mate

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10. … K:

tag your babe

A photo posted by Relationship Goals (@couplegoals) on


11. It’s true. We cannot:


12. And, for the finishing touch, here is… this:

What do you think about matching clothes for couples? Which of these posts was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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