8 Clothes You Can Actually Wear Between Summer And Fall

We’re in that weird time of year when it’s still really hot outside most days, but we’re eager to rock some fall looks. It’s that time of year when we can feel fall in the air from the time to time, when it feel so close yet so far away, but when you walk into your favorite store, all they’re selling is cozy weather clothing while the summer staples are on clearance. Like, it ain’t sweater weather yet, what gives?

It’s unpredictable out there, and it’s tough to dress for it, but it is possible to find a happy balance with clothes that are suitable a day that isn’t exactly my-vagina-is-sweating sweltering out. Need some inspo? Here are eight clothes you can actually wear between summer and fall without looking super out of season.


1. Corduroy Skirt

Corduroy is definitely thought of as a fall fabric, but you can pull it off before the leaves start changing colors by wearing corduroy skirts (without tights). It’s like the best of both worlds: Cozy fall materials in a summery package.


2. Sleeveless Turtleneck

I remember seeing a funny post on parody site Reductress with the title, “Sleeveless Turtlenecks That Are Perfect for No F**king Season.” As a proud owner of a sleeveless turtleneck that I love…I laughed, but also felt defensive. Sleeveless turtlenecks are great for inbetweeny seasons. For example, on a warm day, you can rock a turtleneck tank with a pair of jeans and keep your upper half cool. A thicker knit sleeveless turtleneck can also be paired with a mini skirt or shorts.



3. Cut Out Boots

Hey, wear open toed shoes for as long as you and your pedicure can, because they’ll be covered up for the next several months. But you can find a happy medium between foot freedom and fall happy footwear by rocking some cut out boots.


4. Vest

Okay, so maybe it’s not time to rock outerwear. That killer leather jacket or vintage coat just isn’t going to be practical right now. But a vest is technically outerwear, and you can definitely get away with it in warm or crisp weather.


5. Culottes

Maybe your jeans have been taking a backseat lately, but culottes are great for warm and cool-but-not-cold weather. They’re a lot more airy than your skinnies or a pair of leggings, that’s for sure. Pair with a loose fitting crop top or a blouse that you can tuck into the waistband. Consider rocking some sweet platform shoes or flats.


6. Suede Sandals

Like corduroy, suede is associated with fall and winter weather. But you can get away with wearing it a little earlier if you’re rocking it in sandal form. Whether they’re slingbacks or mules, this is the perfect time of year to take advantage of a cold weather classic and still show off your toes.


7. Leather Shorts

The idea of wearing leather when it’s hot out just makes me sweat; props to the folks out there who are too cool to take theirs off in the summertime. But you can still embrace the too-cool-for-life leather look when it’s warm out if you rock ’em in shorts form. Real leather will make you warmer than faux leather, however, especially if it’s on the thicker side, so opt for thinner material.


8. Midi Skirt

Midi skirts might look a bit stuffy in July, and they’re definitely not that practical in the wintertime without a pair of thick tights. But August, September, and into November? Go barelegged with ’em! They’ll keep you warmer than a mini but aren’t as shrouding as a maxi.


Which of these outfits would you try? Tell us in the comments!

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