7 Easy Ways To Make Friends

Remember when you were in preschool and making friends was the easiest thing in the world? All you had to do was share your snacks or color together and all of the sudden you are BFFs. As we get older, it becomes a lot harder to make friends. Why is it like that? Who knows, but all I know is that making friends in high school is super intimidating, especially if you’re a shy girl. It’s hard to put yourself out there! Not everyone can just sing a duet together and become inseparable from that moment forward, even though that’t what High School Musical wants you to believe.

But believe it or not, you can actually make friends without having to work really hard for it, or being super outgoing. There are some simple ways to meet and hang out with people that are so easy that any lazy girl can do it. Especially in the age of social media and our online personas, it can be really easy to form a friendship with someone, without having to do the old “I’ll have your parents call my parents and we’ll set up a play-date.” thing. Check out these easy tips on how to make friends, the lazy girl way. 

Are you going to try any of these tips at school this year?  Tell us in the comments!

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