8 Guys Share The Most Embarrassing Things They’ve Done After A Breakup

Listen, ending a relationship is really, really hard for everyone involved. It’s usually girls who get a reputation for acting “crazy” after getting broken up with (which is not a fair assessment), but guys can act irrationally, too. They may say that they’re not super emotional, but boys feel heartache just like anyone else. That heartache can make them act “crazy” as well, leading to them doing some seriously embarrassing things that they would rather not discuss. Feeling so broken hearted can make you do things that you would never normally even think about doing. It’s not a gender issue, it’s a human thing!


If you survive the end of a relationship without doing something stupid or mean-spirited, good for you. I’ve done my share of awful things after breakups. I’ve even bought a How To Get Your Boyfriend Back program online, which I do NOT recommend. Why did I want to get someone back who didn’t want to be with me?! From stalking exes online to trying to sleep with their best friends, I’ve done it all. Now that I’m older with more relationships under my belt, I just brush it off and try to handle it in healthy ways. Rejection can take some getting used to, and you usually have to get dumped a couple times before you realize it’s not the end of the world.

To make you feel better about your post-breakup angst, here are some cringe-worthy breakup stories from guys on Reddit. They share the most embarrassing things they’ve done after ending a relationship, and it’s oddly… comforting. Sorry dudes!

What’s something weird your ex has done after you broke up? Let me know in the comments below!

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