11 Unique Pencil Cases That Everyone At School Will Be Jealous Of

There are some things relating to school that you look forward to as much as a trip to the gyno’s office. Think early mornings, homework, and that awful algebra class. Argggggh. All that talk about equations makes me want to hit myself over the head with a scientific calculator. However, there are actually some positives about heading back to class. One of the big ones is shopping for school supplies.

If you’re like me, and you’re obsessed with new school supplies, you will totally get the joy of buying new pencils, notebooks, and binders is almost as good as buying new makeup. #StationeryPorn It was especially good when mom and dad were picking up the tab when I bought pencils with the fuzzy ends and sparkly pencil cases. However, I still enjoy things when it is me footing the bill.

One thing that I love buying is pencil cases. They’re like the purse for all your other supplies, and who doesn’t love shopping for purses? Exactly. There are so many cute pencil case options out there to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you like a soft case or a retro hard box. If you want a pencil case shaped like your fave beauty product, there are even some for you. Check out 11 pencil cases that every cool girl needs in her backpack:

1. Papyrus Handmade San Francisco Pouch

Papyrus Handmade Pencil Case

If you’re a stationery lover, you will know how easy it is to spend an entire afternoon getting lost in all of the adorable things they have at Papyrus. This handmade pencil pouch is just one example of the store’s magical offerings.

Handmade San Francisco Pouch, $11.99, Papyrus


2. Betsey Johnson Kitsch Sandwich Pencil Case


What you’re gazing at is a pencil case that looks good enough to eat. This one is so much better than the soggy one you have in your lunch bag. It’s worth the splurge considering you’re going to be using it five days a week for the next nine months or so.

Kitsch Sandwich Pencil Case, $44, Betsey Johnson


3. Tokidoki Moofia Latte Milk Carton Pencil Case

tokidoki milk carton pencil case

Okay, this pencil case might be too cute to handle. It is an adorable character milk carton, you guys. Even if you hate milk, you have to admit that this is adorable.

Tokidoki Moofia Latte Milk Carton Pencil Case, $12.95, Barnes & Noble


4. Urban Outfitters Souvenir Miami Zip Pouch


Don’t get hung about whether something is labeled a pencil case or not. If it holds your pencils, eraser, and calculator, it can be a pencil case. This adorable zip pouch is proof of that. Orange you glad you’re thinking outside of the box? Sorry.

Souvenir Miami Zip Pouch, $14, Urban Outfitters


5. Anthropologie Captured Flora Pencil Pouch


Don’t just save the florals for your wardrobe, choose a pencil case with a pretty flower print. This one is so pretty that you will want to carry it in your hand like a clutch from class to class.

Captured Flora Pencil Pouch, $12, Anthropologie


6. Skinnydip Girl Gang Lipstick Pencil Casejj
This pencil case is a must for all beauty girls. I mean, how could you resist it? It’s a freaking lipstick with a glitter tip. Can you say #pencilcasegoals?

Skinnydip Girl Gang Lipstick Pencil Case, $23, ASOS


7. Stacy Michelson Walrus Seal Pencil CaseForever 21 Walrus

Forget about sloths, this pencil case is enough to make us all about walruses and seals. I mean, the animals are carrying purses and cameras. “Why,” you ask? Why not?

Stacy Michelson Walrus Seal Pencil Case, $9.99, Forever 21


8. H&M Emoji Pencil Case


You cannot go back to school without having at least one piece with emojis on it. It’s practically an unwritten rule. Make this budget-friendly pencil case your pick. It will get you lots of thumbs up and happy faces. Guaranteed.

Emoji Pencil Case, $5.99, H&M


9. Kate Spade Literary Glasses Pencil Pouch Set

You can stash your glasses in here in addition to all of your other school necessities. When you buy this, you’re already ahead of the game because it comes with two pencils, an eraser, a ruler, and a sharpener.

Literary Glasses Pencil Pouch Set, $30, Kate Spade


10. Kipling Fabian Pencil Case


The multicolored mosaic print automatically makes this pencil pouch so much better than your basic one-color style. However, it is that pink furry monkey that takes things to another level.

Kipling Fabian Pencil Case, $21.75, Macy’s


11. Mead Pencil Case


Hands up if you do a lot of your back-to-school shopping at Target? If you do, be sure to look out for this stylish case. It looks like a clutch, but it is actually meant for your school supplies. However, you can still wear it to go out.

Mead Pencil Case, $5.99, Target


What pencil case is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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