9 Things Guys Say Take Sex From Good To Amazing

Most people’s view of sex goes something like this: sex is good, even when it’s bad. Like ice cream! I mean, obviously there are times sex is horrible, but in general, people seem to believe that it’s better to have bad sex than no sex at all. So does that mean you can just do whatever you want in the bedroom and assume your partner will love it even if it’s not great? Nah, not really. If you’re hooking up with a dude, you might be interested in knowing that there are some things girls can do that make sex amazing. In fact, some of the guys I’ve been with have even kept a Top Five of their best sexual experiences (I know, I know). It was a little strange to me at first, but eventually I agreed that there are some experiences that are so good they just stick in your memory forever.

When you have that mind-blowing sex, you want to keep having it. You’re not over-thinking things, you’re completely in synch with your partner, and you’re having an almost out-of-body experience. It’s great! The times it’s not so great seem to be when you’re distracted by something else, not feeling super into the other person, or the two of you just can’t seem to get on the same page. Mostly, you need to know each other pretty well and there has to be a deep connection happening. It goes beyond just orgasming.

Hopefully you have a guy who wants to go the extra mile to make sure you’re having a good time in bed, but there are some things you can do for him, too! The guys on this Reddit post shared what makes sex EXTRA fun for them:

Authentic Noises

nayrlladnar: "When I can tell the noises she's making are more involuntary rather than 'we're having sex so these are the noises I will make to keep him informed that I am enjoying myself.' I also love when I can feel her quiver."

ineedtotakeashit: "This exactly. My girl can say 'oh yeah baby!' as much as she wants, but when she involuntarily grunts like she's trying to deadlift 300lbs that's what's up."

pridejoker: "It's basically the 'I am no longer in control of how much pleasure I experience at this point' response."

Amazing sex isn't something you can fake. Try getting yourself in the right mood/head space that you can really let go and have fun.

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Bold Moves

gobigred3562: "Initiate. The more kissing the better. Round Two is always better than Round One."

Guys tend to like when you initiate sex, because it makes them feel wanted and desired. (We aren't the only ones who like feeling that way in bed!) And while you might not be as sensitive the second time around, guys can usually go longer!

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An Emotional Connection

mrtoomin: "Honestly? Deep emotion. Crazy anonymous sex is great. But it's more like an extension of masturbating.The best, most satisfying sex I've ever had is with my soon to be wife. It is not only extremely physically satisfying, but it's also the most deeply emotionally satisfying experience I've ever had."

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darkdex52: "For me, it comes before sex. Way before sex. When she's been groping me all over for the whole day before we even do it, it makes the sex amazing!"

Never underestimate the power of anticipation! Whether it's through text or touching, you can leading up to the big moment will have great results.

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A Good Attitude

PolloMagnifico: "Exuberance. Long story short, we feel good when you enjoy it as much as we do, because the pressure of performance is commonly placed on the man."

Don't be embarrassed- the more you really go for it, the more your man will go crazy.

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Expressing Love

PacSan300: "When she says 'I love you' and correspondingly kisses and cuddles me even harder. Sounds simple, but these actions have an amazing effect."

While we don't tend to think of guys as super emotional, expressing love while having sex can take it to the next level.

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Knowing What He Likes

rageth: "Emotional connection, feeling at ease and feeling comfortable. Also when they learn just how you like it. Relationship sex is generally better. There are some women that has awesome sex skills in a one night stand situation. But that familiar feeling will always win out. It's generally awesome when a woman literally has no inhibitions and is a bit wild. And not self conscious."

Having amazing sex can sometimes happen randomly, but more often it comes from lots of time getting to know each other. You learn what each other is into, and you also get to a place of comfortability.

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Being Skilled

iggybdawg: "Ride cowgirl like a champion. It's extremely rare to find a girl that can make me orgasm with me contributing nothing to the motion."

Knowing how to use your body is key to having amazing sex!

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TiberiusPapi: When she says 'I have an IUD.'

While the type of protection you use is up to you and should ultimately be what's best for your body, it can make a guy feel really comfortable knowing that you've taken care of it. Until we get male contraception (come on, world!), birth control can be super sexy!

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What do you think is a sign that sex is going from good to amazing? Let me know in the comments bellow!

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