16 Easy Galaxy Print DIY Projects To Make Everything Cooler

If you’re a rainbow lover, I’m sorry to be the one to tell you that there is another print that has stolen all of the attention: galaxy print. Rainbow is still awesome, obviously, but there is something so, well, out-of-this-world, about galaxy print. It’s the reason why the intergalactic pattern has shown up on everything from bags to phones to macarons. Yes, food.

If you think that galaxy print is just a fancy way of saying “bleach splatter prints,” you obviously have not seen all of the pretty galaxy print DIYs out there. Some may start off with a bit of bleach, but when you add in some pink, black, blue, and purple, you get something that makes any bleach splatter print look as basic as a plain white t-shirt.

If you were mesmerized by galaxy hair color, you will be a fan of galaxy print DIYs. Promise. And unlike some so-complicated-they-require-a-textbook DIYs, achieving a galaxy look is easy-peasy whether you’re creating it on a pair of shorts or a desk lamp. (Really.) All you need is colored paints and bleach. Then get busy splattering and blending them. There’s no need to worry about proper nebula formations. It’s about being random and playing around until you come up with something you’re happy with. Be inspired by these 16 easy galaxy print DIYs:

1. Forget about buying a fancy phone case. You can make your own galaxy print one using your old black phone case and some paints.

Galaxy 1 Phone Case



2. A galaxy lamp is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your dorm room. Just make sure you buy your own lamp instead of using the one the school supplies. Housing wouldn’t appreciate your creativity as much as the rest of us.

Galaxy 2 Lamp



3. The moody colors of a galaxy t-shirt make it cooler than a tie-dye one. Instead of an all-over print, try focusing the design on a specific area.

Galaxy 3 T-Shirt



4. Are your white shoes looking a little brown, but they’re still in good condition otherwise? Grab some paint and galax-ify them up.

Galaxy 4 Shoes



5. Done the studded and distressed shorts thing? Then galaxy print shorts are your next order of business.

Galaxy 5 Shorts



6. Pretty much anything in your wardrobe can get the galaxy print treatment and look amazing. Just see this tank top for proof. 

Galaxy 6 Tank Top



7. You might have thought about galaxy shorts, but why stop there? A pair of galaxy pants are perfect for fall.

Galaxy Pants



8. Are you a Harry Potter fan? You need to try this bag tutorial ASAP. It combines galaxy with HP, and the result is magical.

Galaxy 8 Bag



9. Once you have the basic galaxy print technique down, you can attempt it on anything, such as a black cap.

Galaxy 9 Hat



10. It is all about the placement of the galaxy print with this hoodie.

Galaxy 10 Hoodie



11. You can call this a nebula pillow or a galaxy one. The thing that we can all agree on is that it is awesome.

Galaxy 11 Pillow



12. There’s no need to buy a pair of galaxy leggings when you can make your own. Pass the paints, please.

Galaxy 12 Leggings



13. There are infinite galaxy print t-shirt combinations. This one is a good option for rainbow lovers.

Galaxy 13 T-Shirt



14. You will actually look forward to school just so you can write in this out-of-this-world notebook.

Galaxy 14 Notebook



15. Fall is coming. You need a pretty scarf and a galaxy one is just the right option. 

Galaxy 15 Scarf



16. Can’t find a backpack that you like? DIY your own galaxy one.

Galaxy 16 Backpack



What is your favorite galaxy DIY? Let us know in the comments!

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