8 Fashion No-Nos That You Should Try At Least Once

Life is way too short to avoid risks. That means it’s too short to avoid texting your crush, to avoid applying to your dream school/job, and to avoid cutting all your hair off if you’ve been dying to do it for ages. It also means is too short to avoid taking some risks with your personal style. You wouldn’t believe how many people tell me that they wish they had the courage to dress in bright colors like I do. I’m flattered, but I’m also like, “…what’s stopping you?” One thing: Fear. Fear of…colors? Come on.

But some of the most fun fashion risks are the ones that you’re not supposed to make. The ones that we’re taught to cringe at, the ones that we’re meant to roast on sight. Honestly, not only are some of the most common fashion faux pas absolutely ridiculous, others actually look pretty good, and some are just straight up fun to rock. Check out these eight fashion no-nos that you should try at least once. Who knows, you might just love ’em!

Socks And Sandals

No, I'm not talking socks with flip flops or thong sandals, okay. Nope. Nuh uh. What you should try is socks with strappy sandals like jellies. Get creative with colors, too, and stock up"https://www.instagram.com/p/s-MvNnR7N5/" target="_blank">Instagram/JuJuFootwear

Mixed Prints

There's an art to mixing prints, and while it can be intimidating, consider this: Find patterns that have similar color tones. This is the easiest way to get into mixing patterns. For example, if your top has pastel pink and lavender polka dots, consider rocking a skirt with mint green and pale yellow stripes. See? Same general color tones!


Rocking Yellow With Pale Skin

Having pale skin doesn't mean you have to keep yellow out of your wardrobe. Try rocking a pastel yellow instead of a neon variety. Or, rock a mustard yellow and pair with pretty deep blues, kelly green, and rusty reds.


Denim On Denim

DENIM. ON. DENIM. ISN'T. TACKY. Don't let that old pic of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake rocking their double denim fool you into thinking that this look is trash. Pair high waist light denim jeans with a similarly colored jacket for an '80s/'90s style outfit. Or, for a more contemporary look, pair a deep blue denim jacket with matching denim mini skirt.

Instagram/American Apparel

Wearing Black And Blue

I understand being apprehensive about rocking black with a super dark navy blue; they can look so similar that it almost looks like you forgot to match your colors properly if you're rocking 'em both. But a bright, deep blue with black? Looks killer and pretty damn sleek. Here, I rocked a simple black turtleneck with a sleeveless blue dress with a red lip.


Rocking Pink As A Redhead

I get it, pink can feel like a little much when it is up against red hair. But banning it entirely? Uh, not so fast. When I've had my hair dyed dark red, I pulled off a pastel pink outfit. If your hair is more ginger/copper, consider rocking a hot pink instead. Start off with something like a hot pink sweater!


Wearing Brown And Black

Where did this come from? Black goes with just about anything and it looks really nice with a tan or chestnut color. Consider pairing brown outerwear with an all black everything outfit underneath. Or, rock a mahogany sleeveless dress with a black turtleneck underneath.


Mix Matched Season Clothing

Hey, it's me again, showing off my weird outfit decisions, including rocking a turtleneck with shorts. I know, shorts are for warm weather, a turtleneck is for cold weather, it looks wonky, you should never do it, right? Well, wrong if you ask me. Let's be real: Sometimes the weather can be a bit of a mix, especially in seasons like spring or fall. Don't hesitate to rock a pair of jeans with a turtleneck tank, or a mini skirt, bare legs, and a sweater.


Which of these looks are you willing to try? Which would you avoid at all costs? Tell us in the comments!

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