20 Easy DIY Ways To Store Your Makeup Brushes

With a lot of makeup comes a lot of storage problems. Makeup containers and palettes themselves are difficult to store in a neat, organized way (without spending lots of money on plastic holders), and then you have to deal with the necessary accessories, like makeup brushes. In theory, makeup brushes seem very easy to store, but in reality, once you’ve managed to collect more than you’ll ever need (except you do need them all, don’t worry, I get it), it’s a little bit more difficult. The best way to store your brushes is to keep them upright so that the bristles don’t stick in a weird position or get crusty and ruined.

Luckily, there are a lot of really adorable, pretty, and fun ways to DIY your makeup brush storage. You can use lots of different things to get the job done, and actually, you might not even have to spend a dime. Trust me: you do not need to spend $15 on a dinky plastic brush holder when there are so many better options out there, using things you already have or that you were going to throw away. The right brush storage will make your vanity or makeup area extremely worthy of an Instagram picture, and will be so good that you’ll just want to continue buying makeup brushes. It’s just a warning, because I don’t want to be held responsible for that! Here are 20 amazing and super easy DIY ways to store your makeup brushes. 

1. Grab an old fish bowl (or an inexpensive one in any pet/craft store), fill it with rocks or sand, and add your makeup brushes. Fish bowls are a little bit larger than a jar or glass, so this is pretty roomy.




2. A super pretty and stylish way to store your brushes is to use an empty candle jar. Clean all of the wax out and add your brushes – this is also a great way to reuse expensive candle jars. 




3. If you’re low on counter space, try making a wall hanger with little jars attached for your brushes. Aesthetically pleasing and very helpful! 




4. iKea sells these super cheap little planters that are light and even more perfect for brushes than they are for plants. Pick ’em up and use them as a decoration too. 




5. If you’re not thrilled with white, you can spray paint them rose gold for something more glam. But really, you can spray paint them any color! 




6. You can use almost any glass jar or container as makeup brush storage as long as you have the right filler (something that will keep them from falling). Try coffee beans! 




7. If you’re not into the look (or smell) of coffee beans, try little glass or plastic beads. You can get them from craft stores like Michaels for pretty cheap.




8. If you have a lot of brushes, organize them by function with cute sticker letters. 




9. Mason jars make great holders for tall makeup brushes. Spray paint them for a fun look. 




10. Some candle jars are less pretty than others. If you have a great size candle jar laying around but it’s all burnt and weird, try this simple craft to add lots of colored glitter. 




11. Cool looking glasses make for fun, unique brush holders. You can get these for super cheap at dollar stores or places like Home Goods. 




12. Use little jewels from a craft store and superglue to make any glass jar look instantly more glamorous. 




13. Any crappy wire pencil holder can get an instant update with gold spray paint, making them perfect for makeup brushes. 




14. Want something more modern and stream-lined? Try this DIY marble brush holder.




15. Make any glass jar look prettier with this watercolor makeup DIY. 




16. Coffee mugs make for fun and quirky makeup brush holders. Buy them for next to nothing from dollar stores or just repurpose old ones.




17. Do something different with this magnet brush base, which keeps the brushes firmly in place. If possible, add a magnet to the bottoms of the brushes. 




18. Do something different and use skull planters for a perfectly spooky makeup brush holder.




19. Turn any glass jar into a pretty vanity accessory with colored glitter.




20. Try something artsy and cool with this mason jar wall hanging brush holder. This photo shows paintbrushes, but you can use makeup brushes too, of course.



Which one of these makeup brush holders would you want to make? How do you store your brushes? Tell me in the comments.

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