7 Body Imperfections That People Don’t Actually Care About

It can be tough to practice what you preach; hell, it can be damn near impossible. For example, I write a lot of posts about body positivity and feeling a little more comfortable in your own skin, because I know that that’s a major key in feeling a little less crappy about yourself every day. But does that mean that I don’t wake up in the morning, look at my reflection, and cringe sometimes? No. Does that mean I don’t whine about the way my body looks? Absolutely not, I probably gripe about at least one body party every day. Our friends or lovers can wax poetic about how beautiful we are, and while it’s nice, it’s not going to work like an effing magic wand and make us think, “OMG, YOU’RE RIGHT, I’M BEAUTIFUL.” This isn’t a One Direction song, this is real life. In the end, how we feel about our bodies all comes down to us.

But while my body confidence can benefit from some serious retuning, it has definitely improved in some ways. How? By realizing that people really aren’t paying attention to my body as intensely as I’ve deluded myself into thinking they do. Sure, there are some jerks out there who will be jerks about anyone who isn’t a hairless, poreless size two, but generally? Let’s be real: Nobody is paying attention to you like that. So, if you need more reassurance, check out these seven body imperfections that nobody really cares about.



I remember watching the movie Wish Upon A Star and distinctly recall a scene where one of the girls in the popular clique eyes her friend's legs and gasps, "Is that STUBBLE?" I was convinced that stubble stood out like a sore thumb for ages and I was so worried that people thought it was unsightly until a couple of years ago. Yo, unless somebody is rubbing their face against your legs a day or two after you shaved, nobody is going to care about your stubble. Relax.

Sarah Wintner

Big Thighs

Hey, that's a photo of yours truly. I have pretty big thighs, and they're pretty jiggly as well. Whenever I walk down the street wearing shorts, I worry about my inner thighs drawing too much attention. When I sit down, I wonder if anyone can see how big my thighs look. When I wear a bikini, I wonder if people think my thighs look terrible. These are all worries i have, and worries that I know I never actually notice on anyone else...so why am I buggin'? The next time you're trying to cover your thighs, think about that. I promise you that you're the only one who is really giving those thighs of yours much thought.

A Tummy

Um, anyone who says that you have to have a flat tummy to rock a crop top, or a bikini, or anything else that dares show a bit of midriff...is the worst. Listen, I don't have anything close to a flat stomach. In fact, I'm a little bit overweight if anything. But does that stop me from wearing crop tops? Hell no, they're too cute to pass up on. And believe me, nobody with an ounce of maturity is going to think that you're a menace to society (or fashion) if you have a little bit of tummy overhang or love handles. If you're still weary, rock something high waisted--whether it's high waist jeans or high waist bikini bottoms, and quit sweatin' the small stuff.


Hairy Arms

When it comes to hair removal, you do you. But if you ask me, I think it's a little much when people think they NEED to remove the hair on their arms. If you personally can't stand the sight of it, wax away. But if you think that everybody is eyeing your arms, think again. Almost nobody is eyeing the thin hair plastered on your arms. The only person who would even dare to make fun of you for it is probably a perpetual 12-year-old and should be ignored, because seriously, nobody is going to notice. I say this as a very hairy lady myself.

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Facial Hair

Got a few wisps of hair on your chin? Your upper lip? Went a few weeks without getting your eyebrows done? Fair enough for you to notice it, because you're the one who sees your face up close and personal every day. But if you're worried that everybody around you notices it and is talking trash about your mustache...LOL, no, girl. The average person can't see a thing.


Your Pores

As someone with massive pores, I know how it feels to be worried that everyone can see your pores, your blackheads, etc. But the only person who might notice them would be the person you're making out with who is literally getting all up in your face. And, honestly, even they wouldn't notice. Throw on some primer and concealer if you're super concerned, but otherwise? Do it for you, not over fears that somebody else will side eye the blackheads on your nose.

Mean Girls

Imperfect Teeth

We're obsessed with perfect teeth, aren't we? Shiny, straight, glistening white teeth. But it's common for people who don't fit those dental qualifications to hide their smile, sometimes even constantly covering their mouths when they laugh to do so. Um, this just draws attention to them! If your teeth are super crooked, it's more trouble trying to keep them covered up. Who has that kind of energy to devote to hiding their mouth? Also, nobody knows that your teeth are closer to the yellow side when you're talking. Either hold out for new choppers and some teeth whitening, or see your teeth's imperfections as something that adds some character.


Are you self conscious about any of these things? Tell us in the comments!

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