7 Body Imperfections That People Don’t Actually Care About

It can be tough to practice what you preach; hell, it can be damn near impossible. For example, I write a lot of posts about body positivity and feeling a little more comfortable in your own skin, because I know that that’s a major key in feeling a little less crappy about yourself every day. But does that mean that I don’t wake up in the morning, look at my reflection, and cringe sometimes? No. Does that mean I don’t whine about the way my body looks? Absolutely not, I probably gripe about at least one body party every day. Our friends or lovers can wax poetic about how beautiful we are, and while it’s nice, it’s not going to work like an effing magic wand and make us think, “OMG, YOU’RE RIGHT, I’M BEAUTIFUL.” This isn’t a One Direction song, this is real life. In the end, how we feel about our bodies all comes down to us.

But while my body confidence can benefit from some serious retuning, it has definitely improved in some ways. How? By realizing that people really aren’t paying attention to my body as intensely as I’ve deluded myself into thinking they do. Sure, there are some jerks out there who will be jerks about anyone who isn’t a hairless, poreless size two, but generally? Let’s be real: Nobody is paying attention to you like that. So, if you need more reassurance, check out these seven body imperfections that nobody really cares about.


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