7 Mistakes You’ll Make During Your Senior Year Of High School

So, you survived freshman year of high school , and the sophomore year, and then the hell that was junior year, and now you’re starting your senior year. Congrats, it’s time for the big leagues…and you’re probably going to spend a healthy amount of time stressing the eff out. I mean, if you’re not stressing out, there must be something wrong, because this is the year that you’ll likely be applying to colleges, which means you’re going to have to tighten up your GPA, beg your teachers for letters of recommendation, and, I don’t know, cry a little bit. But on top of that, this is the end of your high school career, and whether you’ve enjoyed high school or not, you probably have a lot of things you want to do before you kiss these days goodbye.

You’ve got a lot to think about and a lot to juggle, which means you’re probably going to make quite a few mistakes along the way. Not just when it comes to academics, but when it comes to your social life as well. Here are seven mistakes you’ll make in your senior year of high school…unless you read this post, that is.

You'll Start Your College Applications At The Last Minute

DON'T. DO. THIS. I say this as a chronic procrastinator that this will drive you crazy. I'm not just talking about filling out the application questions or completing those essays. You also have to get a jump start on those teacher recommendations; some have a cut off of how many they write, especially if they're a popular teacher. Try to have everything wrapped up by mid-December or before Christmas. Otherwise, you're going to have a really crappy winter vacation.

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You'll Try To Stay With Bae Beyond Graduation

Okay, you do you! But I'm telling you, if you're in a relationship by the end of senior year, it's not the worst idea in the world to let it run its course before you start college. So many relationships that transfer from high school to relationship are dead within the first few months of college. Consider (at least consider) ending the relationship on a high note instead of letting it linger. If you two are meant to be, you'll find out somehow. There are some success stories, but those are so rare. I'm not saying to break up right now, but beyond graduation? Give it a think, girl.

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You'll Put Your High School Bucket List On The Back Burner

Did you always want to start an on campus organization? Watch your friend perform in a play? Go to a basketball game? What about coming to school with all your hair cut off or dyed a totally different color? Whatever is on your bucket list, don't put it off. Like, don't wait until May to try to see your girl in the school musical, your crush's art show, your classmate's violin recital, etc. You don't want to regret never starting that LGBTQ club or a distributing a Black Lives Matter themed zine. Do what you can when you can.

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You'll Avoid Burying The Hatchet With And Old Friend

You don't have to be melodramatic about it, but if there's a friend of yours that you've had drama with and you want to end your high school career on better terms, try to do it. This is especially true if you've had a close relationship with this person within the past couple of years. At least try to strike up a civil conversation, and maybe venture into addressing your falling out. You'll at least have some closure.

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You'll Underestimate The Importance Of Your Extra-Curricular Activities

Do what you can to get your extra curriculars up, dude. Like, it's great that your GPA is polished and your SAT scores are good, but...that describes a zillion other high school seniors. What makes you so special? Unless you can plan an interview with your favorite schools, you're going to have to rely on extra-curriculars and your entrance essay to shine. If you have to pile up on some this fall, do it. Just do it. It'll be a good look, just make sure you're doing activities you actually care about. Don't join the volleyball team in senior year to look good on an application. But if you're into art? Do some art programs. Politics? Try your school's GSA program. Think about it.


You'll Forget To Have A Life

You overachievers might be on top of it--killer SAT scores, great letters of recommendation from your teachers, amazing GPA--but you need to remember to, uh, have a life, too. This is your last time to hang out with your crew, the last time to go to troll a lame pep rally, etc. You're going to regret it.

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You'll Slack Off After You Get Into College

This happens to all of us: We decide which school we're going to come fall, and senioritus officially begins. It's hard to avoid, because the end is so close that you can taste it. Still, don't get too off track. I'm not saying that to be a hardass, I'm saying that because if your grades fall off too dramatically, your college could revoke your acceptance. Don't risk getting a D just because it's the last semester, it's just not worth it.

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Which of these mistakes can you see yourself making? Tell us in the comments!

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