15 Easy DIYs To Personalize Your School Bag

August is flying by already, which means that you’re probably deep in school supply mode. This is kind of fun, because school supplies are weirdly fascinating, but also kind of stressful and expensive. There are lots of important things that you will need for school. You probably have a list a mile long filled with things to furnish your dorm, books, and school supplies, and it’s different for high school and college students. But one thing everyone should have on their list no matter what year/school they’re in is a good school bag. Choosing your bag shouldn’t be an afterthought. You’re going to be carrying the thing every single day you have class, so you want one that does the job. And it would be nice if you had one that was pretty.

If you’re Little Miss Crafty, you can whip up your own original bag to carry all of your books in. For those of us who can’t even thread a needle, we’re going to have to settle for store-bought options. However, just because you buy a bag from the store, it doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck with something unoriginal. Whether you buy a backpack, tote, or something else, you can customize it with a few simple steps. No complicated sewing patterns. No degree in art required. Check out easy DIYs to personalize your school bag:

1. Turn a plain bag into a magical one with different paints. The watercolor effect is gorgeous and it will help conceal stains.

Backpack 1



2. You add studs to your jeans and jackets, so why stop there? Use your leftover ones on your bag to give it some edge.

Backpack 2



3. A piece of lace adds a girly touch to any backpack. 

Backpack 3



4. There’s no need to get overly complicated. One big emoji is enough to give your school bag life.


Backpack 4



5. The eraser on the end of your pencil is the perfect tool for creating a textured heart applique for your tote. Who knew?


Backpack 5



6. Bust out the Sharpies to create your own one-of-a-kind design on your bag.

Backpack 6



7. Because galaxy print is literally everywhere these days.

Backpack 7



8. DIY bag ideas aren’t limited to just cotton styles. This leather backpacks get a fresh upgrade thanks to a white marker.

Backpack 8



9. Can’t seem to find an emoji print backpack anywhere? No worries. You can create your own with some bleach and transfer paper.

Backpack 9



10. Unleash your inner artist on a blank canvas tote by using some Sharpies. Try creating a portrait of your fave animal or your celeb crush.

Backpack 10



11. Rainbow tie-dye too much for you? Try an indigo look.

Backpack 11



12.Take those markers out of your bag and start coloring on it. You have full permission.

Backpack 12



13. Patches aren’t just for your jacket. Sew them onto your backpack for a look that works for school and concerts.




14. Turn your favorite fruit, food, or furry friend into a stencil. It’s easier than you think.

Backpack 14



15. Dip-dye is a completely different look than tie-dye. Bonus: It’s super easy to do.

Backpack 15



How do you personalize your school bag? Let us know in the comments!

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