13 Out Of Control Reddit Comments About Broken Penises

It’s no secret that dudes love to talk about their penises. They love to discuss how massive they are – even if they aren’t. They love to talk about masturbating and all of the other hot stuff that goes down in penis town. They can even go on and on about their ballsAnd no one really even gets balls to begin with. Guys are also super concerned about the well-being of their peens. That’s not to say that they’re all going to out get pejazzled. Most dudes don’t go quite that far. That being said, they are very concerned that their members remain in top shape, so nothing strikes fear into them like the thought of a broken penis. I mean, can you really blame them though?

If you just say the words “broken penis” to a dude, he is probably already grabbing his crotch and whimpering at the thought. Having his arm cut off with a dull knife seems like it would be a treat compared to the idea of breaking his manhood. That is why there are a lot of interesting comments about the subject on Reddit. Take a look at 13 out of control comments about broken penises. They will make you very glad that you’re a girl. 

1. The Man Who Lived.Broken Penis 1

2. All the sympathy.

Broken Penis 22



3. Snapdick…not a toy, but a painful condition.

Broken Penis 3



4. What a visual. 

Broken Penis 4



5. Dude, do not be that desperate.

Broken Penis 5



6. Smurf cock IRL. 

Broken Penis 6



7. “Severe malformations” probably doesn’t translate to “12-inch cock.”

Broken Penis 7



8. Someone wants to be the broken penis hero.

Broken Penis 8



9. Hmmmmm…

Broken Penis 9



10. “Stubbed his dick on her gooch” has to be an official medical term.

Broken Penis 10


11. Imagine how pleasurable riding a bionic dong would be, or not.

Broken Penis 11



12. That would be a yes.

Broken Penis 12



13. Some can’t handle the broken peen.

Broken Penis 13



What do you think is the craziest question? Let us know in the comments!

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