The 7 Most Important Movies About Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a sensitive subject. It’s terrifying, it’s heartbreaking, and it means something different to most people. Talking about sexual assault is uncomfortable and confusing – you always feel like you’re saying the wrong thing, you never know what someone has been through, and it can easily ignite tears or arguments. Many of us avoid discussing it even though we know we should! On the one hand, we want to talk about it to raise awareness, but on the other hand, it can be so upsetting. This is why it’s so important when Hollywood produces something that confronts this uncomfortable topic. Movies about sexual assault are more important than you think. They show viewers the truth, they spark conversation, and they force us to accept it as a reality.

There are a lot of movies that bring up sexual assault, but not all do it in the right way. These do. Warning: these movies are pretty heavy and intense, but they all raise important issues that need to be talked about more. Every two minutes, somebody in America is sexually assaulted,and that is not okay. This issue needs to be addressed and people need to be held accountable for their actions, even though they so rarely are.These movies give good portrayals of what being assaulted can do to a person, and how we can help. Here are some important movies that bring up sexual assault that you need to see right now:

what do you think of these movies? Which one did we miss? Tell us in the comments!

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