18 Easy DIY Hanging Wall Organizers To Keep Your Room Clean

Keeping your bedroom or dorm room clean and organized is a struggle for most of us, even if (and often especially if) the room is a tiny space. Forget about clothes, accessories, and shoes for a second, and think about organizing your school and/or office supplies. It can feel impossible! Figuring out where to put your homework, your study guides, your notes, your books, your important papers, your mail… it’s overwhelming, even more so if you’re in a college dorm room, sharing that space with someone else and trying to figure out how to maximize it as much as possible. This is where hanging wall organizers come in. They keep items in their home, they make it easy to grab important things, and they free up precious floor and desk space. There are tons of places to buy these, but they don’t come cheap – so why not try to make your own hanging wall organizers?

Depending on how complicated you want to go, DIY wall organizers aren’t as tough as you might think they are. You might not even need to head to the craft store for supplies… some of these can be made with items you already have that you might think you need to throw out. These wall organizers in particular are ideal for storing school/office supplies like papers, documents, notes, and more (check out DIY hanging jewelry organizers here, which are also genius), but you can make them into what you want them to be. They might take some work, but in the end, you’ll feel more put together, and this could contribute to you getting more work done, since everything is so easy to find.

Make these for your bedroom at home or your dorm room in college – just pick the one that suits your needs best. And have fun with them! These DIY hanging organizers should act as room decor as well as something functional. Tell us how you put your spin on these in the comments below.

1. Use canvas and other fabrics to make an organizer with lots of little pockets. Because it’s soft, it’s more portable, which is great for dorm rooms. 




2. If your more concerned with ~aesthetics~ than functionality, make some of these leather circle organizers. They won’t hold as much stuff as efficiently, but they will hold smaller items and they look really cool. 




3. Create something a little more sturdy with this organizer that will keep all of your items neat and together, while also looking great. 




4. Use a grid and some clothes hangers to create the easiest DIY organizer.




5. Another more portable option is this quilted pocket organizer. Make it bigger if needed. 




6. If you’re looking for something more decorative, this organizer with a chalkboard is perfect and holds lots of different items. You can draw a little calendar on the chalkboard for more organization. 




7. For a more rustic look, try this wire basket organizer, perfect for holding papers.




8. Pegboards are a great way to hold lots of different items. It’s super versatile and you can do a lot with them. 




9. Use an old cereal box to make a magnetic paper pin to hold magazines, light books, notebooks, and various papers. Make as many of them as you need. 




10. Canvas wall pockets are also great for books, magazines, and papers. And it’s really easy to move from place to place. 




11. Want something more quirky and unique? Upcycle old denim and create a little pocket wall. 




12. Hanging clipboards are great for holding important papers you need to remember, receipts, or photos. 



Making them magnetic allows for even more storage.


13. Little organizers like these are great for hanging books and notepads. Keep one over your bed for easy storage. 




14. Go for a more industrial look with a copper organizer. 




15. Use fun envelopes to create a cute envelope “wall” that is decorative and functional. 




16. This white organizer is sleek, modern, and holds lots of little items you might normally lose. 




17. Use old jean pockets and a photo frame to make an organizer for smaller supplies. 




18. For a super simple solution, get some corkboard, frame it, and hang it. 



Which one of these DIY hanging organizers are you going to try? What did we forget to include? Tell us in the comments.

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