12 Insanely Creative Ideas On How To Make A Vision Board

If you’ve never used a vision board, I suggest you make one ASAP. They might sound a little silly, but they’re actually amazing in so many unexpected ways, besides just looking pretty. Vision boards help you organize the things you want in your life, provide you with constant visual stimulation, and they are MAGIC. Okay, the last part probably isn’t true, but that doesn’t mean they don’t benefit a lot of people in great ways. Some people like to make fun of vision boards and see them as a hippy-dippy waste of time, but the fact of the matter is that “what you think, you become.” It’s the law of attraction! If you vision board constantly allows you to think of great things, you too can become great. Sounds awesome, right? Making one is easier than you think (you can start with this easy tutorial from the blog The Dear Diary), and we’ve got some serious inspiration to help you the rest of the way.

I’ll admit it – I’m really into vision boards. I’ve made one the past three years, and I’ve seen my life positively change since doing so. There are a few approaches to creating the perfect vision board. You can go through your favorite magazines and cut out words and images that resonate with you. For example, mine has things like “#GirlBoss,” “Winner,” and “Riches.” I also put pictures of people who inspire me and whose life I want to emulate. You can also print out things you find on the internet that make you think of things you want for your future or that make you happy. I keep a Pinterest board of quotes that inspire me that I’m planning out printing out and adding to my board. Hey, if you don’t know what you want, how can you achieve it?!

If you’re going to hang a vision board on your wall, it better be cute! You don’t want it bringing down the vibe you’ve carefully created in your room. Here are some ideas for making your vision board awesome:

1. Don’t stick to just one kind of image. Use pictures from magazines, the Internet, personal photos, etc. for a good mix.


2. Use a wire board instead of cardboard.

This makes it easy to change your inspirational items as the year goes on. You can buy one at Urban Outfitters for $59.

3. Use magnetic paint or magnetic tape.

Magnets make creating and then editing your vision board so much easier.

4. Take away all blank space.

Some people enjoy some space in between inspirational photos, others like things to be totally covered up.

5. Use Washi Tape to decorate in the cutest and easiest way.

You can buy washi tape with cute designs on Etsy. The best part is, the tape doesn’t hurt your walls! You can change it up whenever you get the urge and make the area as big or small as you want.

6. Use a bulletin board for something less permanent.

A photo posted by britbeeby (@britbeeby) on

Your inspirations don’t have to be glued to a poster board. Neatly arrange them on a bulletin board by your desk for a constant positive reminder.

7. Don’t shy away from texture and three dimensional items.

The 3D effect looks super cool.

8. Print out inspirations and make it look like a Tumblr dashboard that doesn’t move.

Printing out pictures you find online that inspire you is an awesome way to create a vision board. I like using the company Artifact Uprising.

9. Use quotes to inspire you.

Lemon Squeezy Home made the quotes from this board available to print here. A House Full Of Sunshine also has some great printable quotes. You can also print out your favorite quotes from Pinterest!

10. Don’t be afraid to overlap

We love this vision board by Amanda Dawbarn of the blog 100 Layer Cake. It’s overloaded and full of energy.

11. Use a large colorful board

The blog A Beautiful Mess tells you how to make your own vision board out of
medium-density fibreboard (MDF). You won’t have to make any holes in the wall!

12. Get specific

Don’t be afraid to put exactly what you want for your future on your vision board. Be bold!

Do you like making vision boards? Let me know in the comments below!

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