18 Of The Best Careful Who You Call Ugly In Middle School Memes You Will Ever See

Middle school, as everyone knows, is not the best time. For anyone. And this is okay! That’s kind of the entire point of middle school–to be a terrible, no-good, very bad two-year buffer period between the idyll of elementary school and the reality of high school. It is an awkward time, too. People’s bodies are changing, often at different times, which means that most people look vastly different from both one another, and as well as what they will look like in a few months.

And as with all ideas that matter, there is a meme related to this idea. It’s called “be careful who you call ugly in middle school.”

It’s not a new meme–it’s been around, Know Your Meme speculates, since this past December–but it is a pretty good one. It starts with the idea of your typical “glo-up” (someone who might not be considered conventionally attractive for one reason or another becoming more conventionally attractive later on) and posts both before and after pictures side by side. This meme is not particularly cerebral–nor does it have, I would argue, the same pure universal appeal as the Arthur’s fist meme from last week–but it has a simple kind of charm that deems it worthy of a standard internet roundup. So, check out the best of the “careful who you call ugly in middle school” memes right here:

1. Topical!


2. I mean…


3. Characters from Spongebob, of course, has a healthy presence in this meme:


4. I mean, how could they not?


5. Winnie the Pooh also makes, um, a surprise appearance:


6. Did you know? A pair of Timbs is all it takes to glo up. Even if you are but a bottle of Hidden Valley ranch dressing:


7. Michael “Vera” Cera gets it:


8. Sure!


9. NOOooOoOo:


10. OMG:


11. Get you a minion who can glo up <3:


12. Ah, yes:


13. This one is too much!


14. Can you find the lie?


15. This causes me visceral discomfort!


16. Damn, Daniel (sorry!!!):


17. Okay, so I saved two very good “rock”jokes for last. Here’s the first one:


18. Rock-based humor, amirite?

What do you think of this meme? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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