9 Of The Most Ridiculously Unrealistic Dorm Rooms From TV And Movies

We all know that you can’t believe everything you see on TV or in movies, and that has never been more true than with portrayals of college life. Based off of Hollywood alone, you’d think that college is a 24/7 keg party with a buttload of hookups and having cute study sessions at the library. The reality is… yeah, there’s a fair amount of drinking, but the parties aren’t always lit, you might very well be hookup free for a good chunk (if not the entirety) of your college career, and you’re more likely to have all-nighter induced mental breakdowns than meeting with your sociology classmates at the library. But one of the more subtle lies that college-centered movies and TV shows gives us is about the dorms: They’re never as cool (or as big) IRL.

Listen, if there’s one thing I know about, it’s dorms. I lived in five different dorms throughout my entire college career! I shared a room with three other girls in freshman year, as well as a communal bathroom with dozens more. I had a pretty sizable single room suite that had a small kitchen attached to it. When I studied abroad in London, I got to experience Euro-style dorms, which were small but had a bathroom in each room and a communal kitchen space. I’ve lived in loads of dorms, I’ve visited loads of dorms, and I still think that these 9 dorm rooms from movies and TV shows are ridiculously unrealistic. Check ’em out and see what you think.

The Vampire Diaries

Okay, let's start off with the most ridiculous: Caroline and Elena's dorm room in The Vampire Diaries. The size alone is a joke, but can we talk about the ceiling? All those high beams, the multiple light fixtures? Room for ample furniture? You could fit, like, four dorms in that one room. It's a dorm, in a cathedral. Even the natural lighting is godly.

Gossip Girl

Blair's NYU dorm was, likely purposefully, over the top. I mean, this is Blair we're talking about (she even had her maid up in there). But...I've seen a few NYU dorms in my lifetime, and even the nicest one didn't have enough room for a chandelier and beautiful drapery. Don't even get me started on the wallpaper... Even rich kids have to play by housing rules.

Pitch Perfect

It's nice that this room consists of dorm decor that we can actually imagine a college student having. But holy crap, check out the walk in closet. A WALK IN CLOSET! You're lucky to have a wardrobe and dresser drawers in your dorm room, but a full blown walk in closet? Bye.

Legally Blonde

Surprisingly, the dorm rooms featured in Legally Blonde weren't that unrealistic. But it's hard to get over the fact that Elle had a treadmill in her room with room to spare! Like, Elle, save some of that space and just go to the gym on campus!

Gilmore Girls

Suites are the best setup you can ask for when it comes to your dorm situation, and Rory lucked out with one in her freshman year. But as good as suites are, they almost never include dorm rooms as big as Rory's was. Like...even for Yale this seems a little wack. At least we can blame Rory's controlling grandmother for the chic decor because, hell, I'm sure Yale students buy a bunch of cheap dorm stuff from Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond like the rest of us plebs.


Felicity was a killer show about a young woman's life at the University of New York (AKA, a fictional NYU). As good as it was, however, it's hard to look past the fact that Felicity's dorm was, like, absurdly big for one person. Like, in reality, there would be at least one other person chillin' in that room. Maybe there would even be a bunk bed. But that room with crown molding and gorgeous bay windows? If this was every anybody's dorm room goals, they would be massively disappointed when they strolled up into their dorm room featuring cinderblock walls, ugly fluorescent lights, and one small window.

Saved By The Bell: The College Years

Okay, TV sets have to be big, so I can suspend my disbelief for a little bit here. But I think the most unrealistic thing about the dorms in Saved By The Bell: The College Years was the color scheme. LOL, yes, it was the '90s, but I can assure you that no college wanted to be that hip with what the youths were into when it came to college dorm design elements. Do you know what colors you can expect your dorm room to be? White, with brown and maybe some dark blue thrown in if your floor is carpeted. Dassit.

A Different World

Okay, a lot of the dorms in A Different World weren't too ridiculous. In fact, the show overall did a great job with its college sets because they did look pretty realistic. But Whitley, for some damn reason, lived in a dorm with wood paneled walls. YES, WOOD PANELED WALLS. This look was big in the late '60s and '70s, but it's so hard to find dorm rooms IRL that are actually wood paneled. If you end up with one in college...well, good luck. I hope you don't get any termites up in there.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Willow's room almost gets it right. Yes, it's large, but even I lived in a pretty sizable dorm room in senior year, so let's scratch that out for a second. Having, like, four windows though? Wall mounted candle sticks? Drapes that aren't considered a fire hazard by a competent RA? Yeah, naw.

Is there a TV or movie character that has your dream dorm room? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Just a Girl

    My freshman dorm had a walk in closet, it was shared with the two of us though. We had nowhere else to put things. Think more unrealistic for Pitch Perfect are the built in shelving? What the hell is that? Lol

  • Leasia

    In pitch perfect 2 they lived in a house making the closet way more realistic. The first one she lived in a dorm room