16 Amazing DIY Face Masks You Can Make With Stuff You Already Have In Your Kitchen

I’m a sucker for a good store-bought face mask, but I also love to make my own. When I’m whipping up my own masks, I feel like I have my own beauty apothecary, or I’m one of the cool compounders at LUSH. I especially love creating masks using ingredients I already have in my kitchen. If I have some yogurt that’s about to expire, it will go into a mask instead of on my granola. Ditto for that bottle of olive oil I have in the back of the cupboard that I totally forgot about.

The one thing I don’t like when I’m DIY masking is having to go search for random ingredients I’ve never heard of. I’m not Gwyneth Paltrow, so I don’t have a fresh stock of organic magic dust and positive-energy-infused mushrooms on hand. Some of the ingredients certain masks call for sound more like things you would put in potions during a lesson at Hogwarts than you would put on your face. I love Harry Potter, but I’m not going to trek to whatever the real life equivalent of Diagon Alley is to get something for a face mask. No thank you. The only way that would happen is if there is proof that the ingredient was 100 percent guaranteed to give me skin like Miranda Kerr or Beyonce.

If you’re like me, and you want to create your own mask with things that you already have in your kitchen, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many recipes you can find. Simply read the recipes, find the ingredients in your place, mix then together, and let the mask works its magic. No money spent. No time wasted trying to figure out where the heck you would find that weird herb from New Guinea in your town. Take a look at 16 recipes for skin-perfecting masks.

1. This mask helps calm redness and minimize acne. Plus, it smells like a delicious fall drink.

Honey, Cinnamon Mask



2. Don’t chuck that overripe avocado, or that black banana. Turn them into this nourishing face mask.

2 Avocado Banana Mask



3. Got enlarged pores and flaky skin? This cucumber, oatmeal, and yogurt mask will sort you out.

Cucumber Mask



4. Instead of putting these two ingredients in a mug, put them on your face. Just try not to lick them off, okay?

Coffee Milk



5. These ingredients are the start of a good soup, but they also create a golden mask that will help fight acne.

5 Coconut Oil



6. The skin around your eyes is very delicate. Keep the area looking its best with an egg white and carrot mask.

6 Carrot Mask



7. Acne scars can be just as bad as actual acne. This two-ingredient mask helps fade ’em.

Acne Scar Mask



8. Strawberries, yogurt, and honey are all good together in a smoothie, but they also make for a brilliant rejuvenating face mask.

8 strawberry mask



9. Use that avo for something other than avocado toast. Add some lemon, olive oil, and honey to create an effective mask.

9 Mask



10. Dealing with some annoying zits? This three-ingredient mask can help.

10 Breakout Mask



11. Tomato and milk might sound like an odd combination, but the natural acids in both work together to help give you a more even complexion.

11 tomato milk



12. Everyone has a box of baking soda kicking around in the back of their cupboard. Add some honey and you have yourself a blackhead-busting mask.

12 Honey Baking Soda



13. Yup, you’re reading that right. It’s an edible chocolate mask made with cocoa powder, yogurt, and honey. It improves your complexion and tastes good. *Drool*

Choocolae Mask



14. You get a cool blue mask and glowing skin thanks to this blueberry, honey, and oil mask.

Blueberry Face Mask



15. This mask uses a very similar recipe as your morning porridge, except there is a bit less water involved.

15 Oat Mask



16. There is no such thing as having too many chocolate face masks, especially when they help give you flawless skin.

All Natural DIY Chocolate Face Mask from TidyMom for GourmandeintheKitchen.com



What is your favorite DIY mask recipe? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Gina Berry

    My favorite at home mask is made from blueberries, lemon juice, plain yogurt or sour cream & honey. I mix 12 blueberries with 1 tbsp. each of the other ingredients and blend them together as much as possible (having big pieces of blueberry skin on your face just looks ridiculous). Then I just put it on my face, go read a book or something for 10 minutes & it’s done. The berries have antioxidants to smooth skin, the lemon juice brightens it, the yogurt/sour cream moisturizes and the honey keeps the moisture in and works it’s antibacterial magic on any breakouts. Voila!