18 Of The Best Tweets Ever About Male Feminists

Ah, yes. Male feminists. You know what they say–Can’t live with ’em, could probably live without ’em, can’t live without knowing that  they really want you to know that they believe that you simply cannot live without ’em.

I always feel bad when I complain about male feminists, because, of course, they are much better than the alternative. You know, like, male misogynists, AKA #NotAllMen AKA most men who don’t want to accept that they are, in fact, just like most men. And, for the record, I obviously support the notion of men being feminists. Many men are feminists in that they believe in  equal treatment of the sexes, and think that women deserve all of the same rights that men currently enjoy, and let women actually speak out for themselves about the issues that affect them.

It’s just that you are a male and a feminist who constantly proclaims that you are a male feminist–often very loud; certainly louder than most women say it–it is good grounds to make others around you moderately-to-severely suspicious. A male who is a feminist is very different from a capital-M, capital-F Male Feminist who constantly speaks over women and believes that they alone know what is best for them, and whose main purpose in being a feminist is, it seems, to meet women. Which seems counterintuitive.

Anyway, male feminists are frustrating, but jokes about them certainly aren’t. So, check out the funniest tweets ever about male feminists:



2. Again–yup:


3. *sips tea*


4. Is this noted Male Feminist Matt McGorry?


5. This is how it goes, really:


6. This #woke #bae reads….so many emails, you guys. Praise Him:


7. GoodBYE indeed!!!

8. But then why would they do it?


9. Basically:


10. Thanks 🙂


11. No, really–thanks, guys :))):




13. Heh:


14. Find the lie here, guys:


15. …….:


16. Welp:


17. Ah, yes. My favorite short story:


18. Ah, yes. My favorite magazine:

 What do you think about male feminists? Which of these tweets was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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