8 Underrated TV Shows With Awesome Female Leads

What’s better than a TV show where the characters are relatable and cool? A TV show where the characters are relatable and cool women. Nothing against male-driven TV shows, but I love a good empowering show based around woman. No offense, but I’m sick of seeing all of these TV shows with main characters who are men talking about being men and doing manly things that only “real men” can do. Okay. We get it. Isn’t there room for something different?

You’ve probably heard about the Ghostbusters controversy and how men are mad because there are now female Ghostbusters. How ridiculous is that? Why do some people think certain genres or entertainment are exclusively for male actors? The important part about female-driven shows and movies is the representation it gives women. Female characters are not “one-size-fits-all,” they should be dynamic like actual real human beings because, guess what? Women are real human beings! Shocking! Take a look at these underrated TV shows with amazing leading ladies that you need to check out ASAP.


Witches! Demons! Amazing outfits! Sounds like my life, right? Just kidding. Charmed is one of those shows that will never get old, and yet somehow it never got quite as big as other supernatural shows of it's time like Buffy. Still, this show follows three sister who just happen to be extremely powerful witches. You can watch this show on Netflix.

The Carrie Diaries

This prequel didn't live up to its counterpart Sex and the City, but The Carrie Diaries was actually an awesome show. It focused on, you guessed it, a teenage Carrie Bradshaw navigating her way through New York City in the 1980s. There is a lot less sex in this show, but there is a ton of empowering females working in New York City. You can find this show on Hulu.

Jane The Virgin

I don't know why this show doesn't get as much recognition as it should. It is hilarious and stars a bunch of Latina women who are smart and strong AF. Sure, there are male co-stars, but it is the women who are the main point of the show. It has a realistic portrayal of being a young woman with a newborn baby who is just trying to figure things out. We can all relate to trying to figure things out, right? You can watch the past seasons on Hulu.

Orphan Black

The main actress on this show plays not one or two but five different characters, aka "clones." How does she do that?! I don't know, but she's amazing at it. The show focuses on one woman who learns that she has actual clones of herself all over the world, and that some of them might be trying to kill her. It's heavy stuff. There are some sci-fi aspects like cloning, but it also brings up real-life issues, like sex, cheating and death. Sounds like real life, right? You can stream the episodes on BBC America. 

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Kimmy is clueless but lovable in this show that will have you binging both seasons on Netflix this weekend. She literally lived underground for half her life, so she is still trying to figure out how to live in the 21st century, but she does so by saying words like 'hash brown' instead of hashtag. It's amazing.

Agent Carter

I don't know about you, but I'm sick of all the male superheroes dominating every screen. Peggy Carter is an awesome agent who deserves a lot more credit than we give her. Set in the 1940s, the show follows Carter as she balances being a young woman in New York City while simultaneously going undercover to work on secret government missions. How cool is she? Unfortunately, the show was cancelled after just 18 episodes, but you can still watch at ABC.com.

Jessica Jones

More female superheroes! Please! Technically, Jessica Jones is a retired superhero, but that doesn't mean she isn't a bad-ass character. It's much more "adult" than other superhero TV shows, but they tackle real issues that women face every day, like sexual assault and consent.  The first season is now streaming on Netflix.

Gilmore Girls

Recently, there has been an increase of love for Gilmore Girls as the Netflix revival is scheduled to air this November, but it wasn't always like that. Back when Gilmore Girls was actually on, it didn't have such a large fan base. I don't know why, because the mother-daughter coffee-loving duo are possibly the most realistic female characters on TV. They deal with every issue you can possibly imagine: relationships, family problems and money issues, just to name a few. Yet, they are unapologetic and hilarious through it all. You can stream all of the past seasons on Netflix before the highly anticipated revival airs this fall.

Which show are you going to watch this summer? What is your favorite tv show? Tell us in the comments!

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