11 Five-Minute Makeup Tutorials You Must Learn Before School Starts Again

Depending on where you live, the start of the school year is either relatively soon (after Labor Day) or, like, really soon (like, the second week of August. Why??).This, quite frankly, is just…so rude.  Like, school, as important as it may be for one’s “future” and “well-being” and “life skills” has no business of starting again when it feels like it literally just got out. Like, pick a side, school! Stop flip-flopping!

It would be easiest not to go to school at all, obviously, but, given that truancy laws are notoriously difficult to flout, back to school one must go. And, if  you think about it, school isn’ actually that bad. You get to see your friends again, get back into extracurriculars, and learn cool, totally useful things like learning what part of the cell is its powerhouse (the mitochondria), and the preamble to the United States Constitution. The only truly evil part of the school year, really, is how  early it starts. Like, so early. So early that you can barely do anything in the mornings that isn’t rolling out of bed, checking the time, realizing that you’re late, and scrambling out the door only to realize that you left your math homework behind, making anything like “makeup” or “breakfast” or “feeling any semblance of self-worth” virtually impossible.

Fortunately, at least one part of your morning doesn’t have to be that hard–we’ve found a bunch of super easy, super quick makeup tutorials that will make your early-morning routine so much easier. Check ’em out here:


1. You only need a few items:




2. Focus on foundation, blush, and mascara:




3. Or, if you’re looking for a more intense eye look, try out this smoky eye tutorial:




4. BB cream is your best friend during the school year, tbh:




5. Try out this tutorial, which offers either five or three-minute makeup options:




6.  For a face that doesn’t cost a ton, try out this tutorial that only uses drugstore items:






7. This tutorial is for “busy moms on the go,” but you can use it too. Probably:




8. For a “no-makeup” makeup look, try this tutorial:




9. Or this quick makeup routine that certainly doesn’t look like it took just five minutes:





10. Wake up your eyes with some color:




11. Or this one, which lights them up:



Are you going to try any of these makeup tutorials? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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