6 Of The Best Positions For Your First Time Having Sex

When it comes to your first time doing anything, in most cases, it never quite goes as planned. Your first kiss. Your first time putting on makeup. Your first time seeing someone naked. You know, things that you probably think about doing a lot before you actually do it, but when they actually happen, it’s so different than what you’d expected that you wonder why you’d even bothered planning for it at all.

Your first time having sex is, obviously, one of those things. While you can (and probably will) plan and think about it a lot, too much planning will probably ensure that it’s…disappointing. But just because excessive planning isn’t great, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do any planning. In fact, you should–especially when it comes to positions, since your position has a lot to do with how comfortable your overall experience is. So, check out the best positions for your first time having sex:


People hate on missionary sex, but, for your first time, you might as well keep it basic. To do it, you lie on your back and have the guy get on top, place his hands right behind your shoulders, and enter you that way. This is probably one of the simplest positions you can do, as well as the most intimate, since it increases eye contact and closeness.

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Backdoor Planking

Obviously, the name of this position is, as is the case with most sex positions, pretty terrible. (Who names sex positions, anyway?) But it's actually a pretty easy one to do if you're new to sex--according to Tyomi Morgan, a sex coach,  "backdoor planking is a modified doggy style that still provides the sensation of having sex from behind without the deep cervical penetration that could feel uncomfortable for a beginner." To do it, the girl  In this position, the girl lies on her stomach with two pillows under the hips and the guy straddles her legs to enter the vagina.

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Magic Mountain

This is another....terrible sex position name. But it's great! To do it, pile up a bunch of pillows in a tall stack--hence the "mountain" title--and rest the top half of your body on it. Then, arch your back and use the pillows as support throughout the process. This is a good introduction to something like doggy style--you get the same effect without it being quite as intense.

Image source:Cosmopolitan

Pillow Tower

This is another great way to be on top and feel in control without feeling intimidated by the idea that you totally have to know what you're doing. To do it, pile up a few pillows and have your guy get on the edge of the bed with his legs hanging off the side. Then, kneel on top of him with your knees on either side of his hips and place your hands on the sides of the pillow. This gives you both a good amount of leverage, support, and comfort.

Image source:Cosmopolitan

The Ride Of Your Life

I'm not trying to be hyperbolic here--Cosmo literally calls this one the "ride of your life," (which is maybe overselling it?). But if you want to start off on top--which gives you more control and mobility--try to start off with the guy lying on his back. Then, while kneeling,  lower yourself onto his penis and keep your knees on the bed and and place your feet on the inside of his legs. Then, lean forward and place your hands on either side of your partner's head and move in small motions.

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This is just like cuddling! Except you're, you know, having sex. So not like cuddling at all. Anyway, to do this, just get into a typical spooning position and insert the penis from behind.This one is perfect for first time sex because the penetration is relatively shallow, so it's not as intense as other positions can be.

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Have you had sex yet? Do you have any position suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

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