14 Of The Best Arthur Fist Memes You Have To See Right Now

I think we can all agree that 2016 has been, in many ways, almost completely unsalvageable. Between the garbage fire that is the United States’ presidential election and the human garbage war that is the Taylor Swift/Kim Kardashian/Kanye West feud, it’s clear that there is…so much going on, al the time, and almost all of it is bad. In fact, it has pretty much been barren of anything good in all ways except for one, and that one small, bright spot is all of the memes. And, for what it’s worth, there sure have been a lot of excellent memes. There’s Gerald the sea lion. Caveman Spongebob. Dat Boi. Now, there is a new meme, and it is Arthur. (You know, the Aardvark?) It comes in the form of Arthur’s clenched fist, particularly, and it looks like this:

It’s so, like…inexplicably relatable, right? Of course, it should be noted that Arthur memes have been around for a while–D.W.’s had a healthy presence over the years–but sometime this morning, a cultural levy broke, and flooded everyone’s timelines with this one picture of Arthur’s clenched fist. It signifies a kind of pent-up frustration and anger that is especially resonating on today, July 28th, 2016. Perhaps this particular kind of frustration and anxiety  is just a sign of the times.

Whatever the case may be, check out the best Arthur fist memes that you need to see right now:

1. Here is the first usage of the fist! Allegedly:


2. It’s indicative of….everything, pretty much:


3. Same:


4. SAME:


5. The WORST:


6. Heh:



7. It can be used for, like, typically “SJW” means, too:


8. Like….


9. The NERVE:


10. Why???


11. Heh. Me, though:


12. Tru Grandma-heads kno:


13. But…actually:


14. Welp. Yeah, basically:

What do you think of Arthur memes? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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