The 28 Creepiest Reactions To The #SaveMarinaJoyce Hashtag That Will Freak You Out

The question of the day is this: WTF is going on with YouTuber Marina Joyce? 

In case you’re not caught up with the drama, or in case you just need a refresher, here goes (as eloquently as possible, because this story is messy AF): Marina Joyce is a 19-year-old YouTube vlogger with a relatively large fanbase who has been making videos for a few years. Recently, I’m not sure exactly when, Marina’s fans noticed a big difference in her behavior and her appearance. Comparing her older videos to newer ones shows a clear change: Marina has obviously lost a lot of weight, she seems jittery and nervous, her eyes don’t focus, and someone else is filming a lot of her YouTube videos.

As concern for her mounted, the theories for what could be wrong got out of control. At first, fans assumed she was on drugs, but as the clues added up (everything is detailed very carefully in this forum and this post if you want more information), people started worrying that she was being abused, had possibly been kidnapped and was being held hostage to make videos against her will, or that she has some sort of mental disorder. Yesterday, the sh*t hit the fan, as they say, when the rumors started swirling on Twitter. The #SaveMarinaJoyce hashtag became a thing, and suddenly, everyone was involved.

Confused? You should be, because nothing about any of this makes sense. But watch this video Marina did recently, where she is clearly advertising dresses for a company. She seems “off” the entire time, looking dazed, confused, and a little scared. What caused the most panic was the whisper at 13 seconds, which sounds like “help me.”

Creepy, right? It gets scarier. As fans got more and more freaked out, they came to more crazy conclusions and theories, making absolutely everything into a “clue” that Marina had been kidnapped. Marina tweeted that she was okay and that nothing was wrong, as she had been doing, but video evidence seemed to prove otherwise. Even stranger, she encouraged fans to meet up with her to “party” at 6:30 AM at a park in England, which freaked everyone out. The #SaveMarinaJoyce hashtag turned into one of the creepiest Twitter hashtags of all time, and I don’t think many of us slept last night (myself included).

Police got so many calls from concerned fans and Internet users that they eventually went to check on Marina, and reported that she was totally fine. Honestly, though, it still seems like something weird is clearly going on. I don’t know if Marina has been kidnapped and is being held hostage – the bruises all over her are certainly shady – but it does seem possible that she’s battling some sort of drug addiction or mental illness. One Reddit user noted that Marina could be dealing with the scary after-effects of acid use, which can lead to someone acting like a completely different person. Marina has a sad history of unfortunate events – there was a sexual abuse issue with YouTuber Sam Pepper, and her friends have tweeted that she has a drug problem. Sure, it’s possible that this could be a publicity stunt, but if you watch her videos, it seems pretty obvious that something weird is happening.

If you don’t believe me, or you just need some more evidence that something shady is going on, check out these 28 creepy tweets that are going to freak you out. This story is fascinating in a terrible way, and I for one can’t look away. I truly hope that Marina Joyce is safe and okay, but for now, all we can do is take her word for it.

First, there are the tweets that explain what’s going on:

1. One YouTuber created an entire video explaining his concern for Marina Joyce that really got people thinking:


2. This video also shows some “evidence” that something is wrong and the difference between Marina then and now:

Then, there are the dozens of tweets that are all “clues” that fans have picked on to prove something shady is happening. Some seem legit, others seem like a bit of a reach, and some are just plain creepy.

3. Marina did a Livestream video to tell her fans she was okay after all of the concern, but some fans seem convinced that she coughed “help me” into her arm (this could also just be a cough or a sneeze, to be honest):


4. Anything became fair game, even a random red mark on her dress that some people are convinced is blood:


5. Fans started looking into all of her videos, convinced that Marina is giving off subtle signs that she needs help, like in this case:


6. Some fans begged Marina to do certain things to show she’s not okay even if she can’t say it, and people started picking up on things.

(The thing is, with this, if she IS being abused or held hostage, that person is probably in control of her social, so this wouldn’t make sense. Also, it could honestly be a coincidence.)

7. When she changed the bio of a video to something that seemed random, fans looked into it, and found something strange:


8. When she painted blue streaks on her face, some people noticed that could be a sign of abuse and a silent cry for help:


9. There were lots of videos of Marina looking scared for seemingly no reason:


10. And tweets like this one that are just creepy:


11. Stuff like this happened, which feels like a bit of a reach, but also… what is this tweet?


12. People started seeing everything as a sign:


13. There could be a few reasons for barred windows, but let’s just say it is definitely kind of strange.


14. Even the way she spelled “love” became a clue:


15. See?


16. This Q&A video also freaked people out. Marina repeated herself a lot, then abruptly ended the video this way:


17. Here, you can see how obvious the difference is between her now and then:


18. Probably the shadiest thing about this is the bruises all over her body, because there’s no real explanation for why they’re there. When asked about it in her most recent livestream, Marina was vague and confusing in her answer, which is that it was from a sad event she couldn’t talk about.


19. Why are they around her ankles? It’s definitely shady.


Some fans are saying that she hasn’t been kidnapped or abused, and that she doesn’t have a drug addiction – they think she’s battling a mental illness, which could absolutely be the case. If she was indeed sexually abused by Sam Pepper, she could also be dealing with some sort of PTSD.

20. One fan is convinced she has schizophrenia:


21. Here’s more evidence supporting that:


22. She could also be struggling with psychosis:


The absolute creepiest theory is this one: some fans think Marina Joyce is dead, and that someone is covering that up with old videos and pictures. Hopefully her Livestream that just happened kills that horrible theory, but here it is to give you nightmares:

23. One fan pointed out that she posted the same selfie from a month before:


24. Another shows how different she looks in just one video:


25. This fan breaks it down more:


26. Here’s another example of repeated selfies posted with months in between. Of course, it’s possible she’s just using old photos because she likes them, but with everything else going on, it’s a little strange.


26. It’s even more strange when you see how often she does it:


27. And the address thing? Weird.


28. The last strange thing I’ll point out:

At the end of the day, there could be a lot of things going on with Marina Joyce. She could be struggling with a drug addiction that is changing her personality and making her see/hear/think scary things. She could be dealing with a mental illness that is left untreated. She could be in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend, or even a family member. And sure, it’s possible she’s been kidnapped and can’t say that out loud. But it’s also possible, and the most probable, that Marina is going through a personal struggle right now and doesn’t want to discuss it with the whole world. Let’s respect her space and her family and friends and hope that she’s okay.

What do you think is going on with Marina Joyce? Tell us in the comments.

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