15 Of The Best Things Comedians Have Said About Racism That Will Change Everything

Racism should be a thing of the past, and for a while, a lot of people thought it was… and then 2016 happened. There are so many racial issues that have happened so far this year that it’s hard to keep track – and to be honest, it’s not only this year. These kinds of things have been increasing in the past few years, and there’s really no excuse. It’s no secret that racial tensions are high as we continue to hear countless stories of the police brutality against the black community as well as the horrible responses from some people. And while racism in any way is never a joke, it’s important to find the dark humor in things sometimes – because once in a while, that can make more of a point than straight up facts. In the face of tragedy, stand up comics are there to help us laugh at our absurd reality. A good joke can make people look at a situation differently or at least help them see it from a different perspective. We can hear stories of people dealing with racism in a way that allows people of different races to actually hear them. Comedy is an incredible tool!

The #BlackLivesMatter Movement is making strides despite people not understanding the reason behind it. (No, All Lives Matter is not an appropriate response.) Sometimes, a good joke can explain this point better than an angry pundit on a news show. Who wants to watch old people argue about race on TV, anyways?! Not me. But who wants to read something on Tumblr that makes them giggle and then think, “Damn….” More people, I think.

America is inherently racist- that’s just the truth. To help us learn and grow and empathize, here are some of the best jokes the best stand up comedians have said about racism:

1. Hannibal Buress on racism against interracial relationships:/strong>



2. Kumail Nanjiani on subtle racism in Call Of Duty:



3. Wyatt Cenac on unfair casting:



4. Solomon Georgio on Pocahontas:



5. Louis CK on Indians:



6. Hari Kondabolu on “Tolerance:”



7. Funmbi Omotayo on relationships with the police:



8. Gina Yashere on having an English accent:



9. Donald Glover on being Spiderman:



10. Yuriko Kotani on ignorance:



11. Trevor Noah on blatant racism:



12. Ron Funches on Black History Month:



13. Margaret Cho on people mistaking her for any other Asian actress:



14. Aamer Rahman on getting “randomly chosen” at airport security:



15. Nick Kroll (Fabrice) on stereotypes:


Which of these stand up bits did you like the best? Let me know in the comments below!

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