7 Warning Signs That You’ll Be A Terrible Roommate

We all hear horror stories of nightmarish roommates, right? The girl who leaves food out and brought in a bunch of bugs and rodents. The girl who cannot handle anything but absolute silence past 8:30 PM. The girl who always has her bae over. The girl who is trying to get into a sorority and starts doing all kinds of weird stuff for months on end. There are countless stories out there, but we never really see people admitting that they themselves were the problem roommate, that they themselves were terrible to live with. I’m ready to admit that I, Ashley Reese, was kind of sort of the awful roommate.

Okay, maybe awful is a strong word, but let’s just say that as nice and friendly as I was, my inability to share space with other people and keep my corner clutter-free wasn’t one of my endearing traits. I first realized this at 15-years-old when I shared a room with a girl for six weeks during a summer art program. I was super lazy about doing my laundry, a fact that seemed to frustrate my roommate to the point of singing “Smelly Cat” in the most passive aggressive way possible (she was awful in her own way, too, but that’s another story for another time).

When I started college, I lived in a room with two other girls; they were neat and tidy, while I was disorganized af and had a pile of clothes surrounding my bottom bunk. Things got better when I got my own room during the rest of my college career, but I’ll admit: For anyone who was neat and tidy, I must have been a little annoying to live with. But we learn from our mistakes (er, at least we’re supposed to), so that’s why I’m going to share these seven warning signs that you’re going to be a terrible roommate so you can avoid potential roommate drama down the road.

You Have A Lot Of Spontaneous Hook Ups

To be clear, there/s nothing wrong with having a lot of hookups. More power to you, girl. But when you're sharing a space with somebody, don't assume that your roomie will be chill with you slinking into the room at 2 AM to have a not-as-quiet-as-you-think lovemaking session. Be respectful. Let your roommate know if you're bringing someone through, and try not to have people over all the time.

You Have Hermit Tendencies

If you're the type of person who can spend days without really leaving your room, you're going to get on your roommate's nerves really quickly. Yes, it's your room too, but everyone deserves a little alone time every now and then, not just you. Don't hesitate to make yourself scarce every now and then...get some fresh air, chill in the common room, visit a friend, something!

You're Super Unorganized

This was my problem. I wasn't filthy in terms of cleanliness, but my corner of the room always looked like a tornado hit it. At the very least, keep a laundry bag at the ready to store all of your clothes in instead of having them strewn across the floor, and make sure none of your belongings are obstructing your roommates.

You're A Bit Antisocial

Hey, not everyone is going to be a chatterbox, and not everyone makes friends easily either. If this describes you, that's fine, that doesn't make you a bad person. But having a roommate means communicating with them, and it means that every now and then your roommate might want to strike up a conversation with you. Don't be cold or too short with them. Be civil, and be as friendly as possible. You don't want tension between you two, especially if it all boils down to you coming across as rude.

You Tend To Borrow Things Without Asking

You might have borrowed clothes from your sibling's closet without too much strife (okay, just a little bit), but don't try to pull that with a roommate, especially if you guys aren't all that tight. This is a heads up for people who grew up as only children, too! I'm one of you, so I know how tempting it is to scope out all the goodies that are suddenly at your disposal. Just because the room is empty doesn't mean that you can steal a piece of your roommate's chocolate.

You're A Control Freak

We always complain about the roommates who are obnoxious and loud, but nightmarish roommates can also be really uptight, too. Seriously, I've heard plenty of horror stories about the girl who can't stand when her roommate is using their laptop past 11 PM because the glow makes it hard to sleep. Be real, if this sounds like you, try to get something sorted with your school's housing department ahead of time. You could get a roommate who has a similar sleeping schedule as you, and find somebody who prefers peace and quiet.

You Leave Food All Over The Place

This is even worse than leaving clothes all over the ground, because this nasty habit can attract pests. Trust, you don't want to be known as the girl who brought rats into the 3rd floor dorms. If you don't clean up after yourself now, try to get into the habit of doing so before you start school. And when you're settled in your dorm, keep your snacks sealed!

What do you think are some other qualities of being a crappy roommate? Do you fit any of these personality traits? Be honest and tell us in the comments!

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