The 11 Weirdest Condom Flavors That Actually Exist

When you first learned about condoms, you probably just assumed there was one kind made by a few different brands. Or maybe you thought that there was a size for “regular” peens and a size for guys with really huge dicks. Little did you know that there were enough different types of condoms to fill a massive toy chest in some dirty frat’s living room.

There are female condoms, condoms that are super thin for ~*maximum pleasure*~, ribbed condoms, and condoms to help make a guy last. We can also add dental dams into the mix. As we go down the list, things start to get a bit more interesting. And that’s saying something considering we’re already talking about condoms. Did you know that there are World Cup-themed condoms? Or condoms with people’s faces on them? I bet they didn’t teach you that in sex ed. Your teacher was probably too busy trying to correctly roll a condom onto a banana without squeezing it too hard and having it explode on the poor kids sitting at the front of the class.

Flavored condoms are another interesting category. You might think that a strawberry-flavored condom is unique, but they are basically the white t-shirts of the condoms world. They’re okay, but they’re not exactly unexpected. I mean, how many medicines and vitamins are also flavored like strawberries? And what candy doesn’t come in a strawberry flavor? Some other condom flavors take more exotic, and dare I say, a more foodie approach. In fact, don’t be surprised if that latest foodie trend becomes a condom flavor. I know it is only a matter of time before someone is making a cold brew coffee-flavored condom, or an acai bowl one. Until that day arrives, you can check out 11 of the weirdest flavored condoms that you can actually get.

1. J&D’s Bacon-Flavored Condoms

Condoms Bacon Condoms

There are more than a few cases of when our obsession with bacon went too far, and this might be one of those instances. Not only do the condoms taste like bacon, they are also printed with a bacon design so “your meat can look like meat,” according to the package. Because that’s not enough, the brand also carries bacon lube and bacon-scented underwear. There’s a pork joke in here somewhere, but I’m going to let the box have all of the jokes this time.

J&D’s Bacon Condoms, $9.99, J&D’s


2. The Stinking Rose Garlic Condoms

Condom Garlic Condom

You know how most people avoid eating garlic whenever they’re going to be all up close and personal with their partners? These condoms are basically the opposite of that. If you love yourself a pasta sauce that is loaded with garlic, or you’ve been known to eat a raw clove of garlic now and again, this is your condom.

Garlic Condom, $1.95, The Stinking Rose


3. McCondom Whisky-Flavored Condoms 

Condom Whisky Condoms

If you weren’t already sold on the name “McCondom,” maybe you will be by the fact that these condoms are whisky flavored. Who needs to have a glass before sexy times when they have, erm, a suckle during? The best part about these condoms is that they have the taste, but no hangover.

McCondom Whisky-Flavored Condoms, $2.18, Heritage of Scotland


4. Trustex Cola-Flavored Condoms

Condoms Cola

Continuing with the drinks theme, there are these cola-flavored condoms. After they’ve covered most of the fruit flavors, it makes sense that they move onto drinks. A water-flavored condom would basically be pointless, so it seemed like cola would be the next logical starting point.

Trustex Cola-Flavored Condoms, $5, Amazon


5. Cannadom Cannabis-Flavored Condoms

Condoms Pot Condoms

Well, this can give a whole new meaning to “smoke a fatty.” These green condoms apparently have a realistic smell and taste that will be sure to please all pot heads. You can try as many as you like, but they probably will not get you high. Although, your partner might say he’s feeling a bit high after everything…for different reasons, though.

Cannabis-Flavored Condoms, approximately $1.50, Cannadom


6. Glyde Wildberry-Flavored Condoms

Condoms Wildberry Condom

You can see strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry, but wildberry? You can’t even get wildberry ice cream that easily. And these condoms are made with natural and organic ingredients with no added sugar. If you are one of the people out there who has a hankering specifically for wildberry, you can get a box of 100 of these flavored condoms.

Wildberry Organic Flavored Condoms, $69.50, Glyde


7. ManForce Coffee-Flavored Condoms

Condom Coffee

Calling all coffee lovers, these are the condoms for you. Just note that you won’t be discussing what kind of beans they are flavored with, or what kind of distillation process they use. If you’re that fussy about your coffee, it’s probably best if you stick with banana-flavored condoms. Plus, these condoms won’t actually give you a caffeine rush. Although, they will probably give you (and your partner) a rush of a different kind. *winks*

ManForce Extra Dotted Coffee Flavor Condoms, $8.94, Amazon


8. Condom Cocktails Appletini, Pina Colada, and Strawberry Daiquiri-Flavored Condoms

Condom Cocktails

Fancy a cocktail and a BJ? This may not exactly be what you had in mind, but it fits the criteria. These condoms are for those with “discerning palettes.” You get your choice of appletini, pina colada, and strawberry daiquiri-flavored condoms.  I guess plain old strawberry and apple were just too basic.

Condom Cocktails Premium Lubricated Condoms, $14.09, Amazon


9. Domino Tiramisu-Flavored Condoms

Condom Tiramisu Condom

All those euphemisms about sex being the dessert after your meal take on more literal connotations here. If you think that a chocolate condom is a tad too expected, try a tiramisu-flavored one. And this is one tiramisu you don’t eat with a spoon. That would be weird.  Note that if you really want ’em, you’re going to have to buy them wholesale.

Domino Sweet Sex Tiramisu Condoms, Luxe Condoms


10. Glyde Licorice-Flavored Condoms

Condom 8

Licorice is one of those divisive foods that people either eat by the pound or feel sick if they eat one morsel.  (I fall into the latter category.) If you are an appreciator of the sweet, you will like these naturally black condoms. They’re one way to get your licorice fix when you don’t have time to hit up the candy store.

Ultra Organic Licorice-Flavored Condoms, $5.99, Glyde


11. Domino Latte Macchiato-Flavored Condoms

Condom Latte
If you have the audacity to say that this is basically the same thing as the coffee-flavored condom, you obviously do not take your coffee as seriously as some people. TBH, you’ll probably still like it. [Insert your own joke about cream here.]

Domino Sweet Sex Latte Macchiato Condoms, Luxe Condoms

What do you think is the strangest condom flavor? Let us know in the comments!

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