7 Things Girls Wish Guys Would Do When Going Down On Them

Recently, I was on Tumblr, searching–as I always am–for my favorite image of all time (it’s this one, if you’re wondering). On the way, I came across a thread entitled “Ladies, I have another question for you–what’s one thing you wish guy did while he was going down ?” I clicked on it, obviously, for while I am in many ways but a simple meme farmer tending to my memes, I too can relate to the all too common cunnilingus (sorry!!)-to-disappointment ratio that happens, it seems, because most guys seem to think that the act of going down on someone is, in and of itself, enough. It isn’t.

Obviously, not all guys (#notallmen) are like this, and  everyone’s individual bodies and preferences are different, but there are some things that guys almost always seem to do–or neglect to do–during oral sex that ruins the experience for most girls. So, check out these things girls wish guys would do when going down on them, and see if you agree:

Be Gentle With The Clit

Thelifeofbunches: Actually suck on the clitoris instead of flicking it with his tongue like how a cat drinks water.

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Lookatthisnerdybroad: Don’t be rubbin on the clit like you trying to shine a shoe, it’s very sensitive. To that end, no dry cat-tongues. Slob it down.

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Slow. It. Down.

Guya-marie: Go slow. Not everything has to be fast paced and crazy all the time.

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Don't Make Your Tongue Do Things That It Can't

Jineiphyer: I dont know about every girl but that mimic-my-dick-with-my-tongue technique doesnt do sh*t.

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Don't Hum (Why Are You Humming?)

 Sosaiddem: Stop humming. Most of us use vibrators so that little humming trick you learned from GQ will pale in comparison.

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Use Fingers Wisely

Tiffanyaliyah: Fingering at the same time is always nice, but not in and out, find that G spot and massage it why you lick and suck the clit. I will die.

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If You Blow, I Leave

URLmistress: If you think blowing on it or in it or anywhere near the pussy does anything for anyone, punch yourself in the face right now.

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Are there things you wish guys would do when going down on you? What are they? Let us know in the comments!

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