7 Mistakes You’ll Make During Your Freshman Year Of High School

I don’t remember my first day of high school all that vividly; I have no idea what I wore, no idea what my first classes were, nothing. But I do remember how I felt. I felt like it was the start of something new (yes, I realize I just quoted High School Musical, bear with me). I felt enthusiastic and excited, ready to kick academic ass and hang out with my friends on the high school side of campus. Yes, I felt a lot cooler sharing the same hallowed halls as the upperclassmen, even if they didn’t know I existed. So starting high school was great, but I’m not sure if it met my expectations.

If you’re like me and you watch way too many teen TV shows and movies, it’s easy to expect that starting high school will change everything. Well, it doesn’t. Things mostly feel the same as they did in eighth grade, you’re just in a different building and see a few new faces. The work is harder, but there are still bullies, pretentious show offs, and theatre kids making sure you know they’re a theatre kid (no shade). It was what I didn’t expect that threw me for a loop, and if you’re starting high school soon, you might find yourself in the same situation. Unlike me, you have a chance to be prepared by checking out these seven mistakes you’ll make during your freshman year of high school. Good luck, and try not to get in over your head.

Thinking This Is Mandatory Reinvention Time

New year! New you! You’re a high schooler now! Time for a refresh! Not so fast. Don’t feel obligated to have an entirely new wardrobe, a new attitude, newer (cooler?) friends…pop culture makes the reinvention process seem a lot more fun and mandatory than it really is. Hey, there's nothing wrong with dyeing your hair while "I Want To Be A Supermodel" plays in the background, like you're Tai in Clueless, but don't force yourself to change. You’ll end up changing, no matter what.

Only Sticking With The Friends You Know

I went to a high school that was a continuation of the same middle school, and since it was relatively small, that meant that I knew just about everybody I started high school with, save a few newbies. But one of those newbies became one of my closest friends for the next four years. That wouldn’t have happened if I just stuck with my middle school crew. Don’t pass up on opportunities to make new friends. It might sound hokey and cliche, but it’s true.

The Craft

Believing Your Grades Don't Matter Yet

This is a big one: There’s this idea that your junior year and senior year grades are the only grades that really matter. While it is true that those grades are incredibly important, you want to make sure that your GPA gets off to a good start in general. So, yes, go and have fun, embrace whatever free time you have to chill with your friends, but don't slack off and think you can easily make up for it later. Trust me, it's a lot harder than you think.

My So-Called Life

Not Trying Out Extra-Curricular Activities

If you’re interested in joining the soccer team, or theater, or the debate team, don’t put it off! Your freshman year is the best time to try out a little bit of this and a little bit of that and find out what sticks. Plus, you’ll have your lowest workload in freshman year, so this might be your best shot to do some extra-curricular activities shopping. Trust, if you don’t start early on in your high school career, you’re not going to be up for it when you’re a junior or a senior.

Bend It Like Beckham

Not Talking To Your Teachers (Until It's Too Late)

School is harder in high school, period. You have more work, your teachers are less lenient, and you have a lot more responsibilities to juggle. So it’s only natural for some of you to get a little caught up. I was definitely one of those people, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. But make sure you talk to your teachers before your teachers scribble “see me” in the corner of your essay or exam. Not only does it show initiative and maturity, you'll also help yourself out. It’s a win win. Don’t hesitate to do this, you won’t regret it.

Freaks And Geeks

Letting The Middle School Beef Thrive

Whether it’s drama or old flames, keep it in 8th grade. It’s time to move on, you know? Maybe it’s time to finally bury the hatchet…or the thirst. It’s a new era, dude. Don't let your 6th grade BFF turned 8th grade enemy still preoccupy your thoughts. Move on.

Lizzie McGuire

Thinking You Need A Bae Now That You're In High School

You don’t need a boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever just because you’re a high schooler now. Seriously, most of your friends won’t have a bae and, I assure you, most of your classmates won’t have a bae either. Nobody is going to think you’re a weirdo for not having one. This should be one of the lowest priorities for you, girl. Have fun, make friends, try to get good grades, and prosper without the stress of dealing with a partner right off the bat.

But I'm A Cheerleader

What about your period is way easier to manage now than when you first started getting them? What seems to be more of a challenge? Tell us in the comments!

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