13 Awesome Things To Make Out Of Old Plastic Bags

We all know how plastic bags can literally pile up, even after one quick trip to the grocery store. I always go shopping for “just one thing” and end up coming home with 10 plastic shopping bags filled with packages of Oreos (might be a bit of an exaggeration but you get it). Then I throw all of the plastic bags in a cabinet and forget about them until the next time I stock up on food (and cookies). Eventually, the cabinet overflows with the plastic bags and I have no idea what to do with them. Did you know you’re not actually supposed to throw plastic bags out? Then what are you supposed to do with them?!

Well, there are actually really amazing things you can do with plastic bags, and I bet you’ve never heard of them. Maybe you have heard of them, but I hadn’t until recently, so I thought I would share some awesome tutorials on how to make some really cute things, just with the plastic bags you have laying around your house. Did you know you can make YARN out of plastic bags?! It’s easy and eco-friendly! Yay for saving the earth!

Here are some unique projects to upcycle your old plastic bags into amazing projects. 


1. Turn a shopping bag into a cute coin purse.

coin purse


The Target shopping bags are actually really cute on their own, but making it into a coin purse is such a good idea.


2. Decorate your room with plastic bag “leaves.”



Fall is right around the corner! Kidding, but this plastic bag garland will really liven up a room, no matter what season.


3. Or make adorable heart garland!



This is such a cute idea. You can even make a curtain with it if you have enough.


4. Light up your room or backyard with pom-pom lights.



This will make your backyard look like an actual fairy garden…and it’s so easy!


5. Turn colorful plastic bags into planters for your room.



Did you know you can mold plastic bags into different shaped by applying heat? I didn’t either, but check out this tutorial on making little vases for flowers!


6. Or create simple plastic bag flowers!



If you are too afraid of killing plants (like I am), you can easily make some plastic bag flowers. They look cute…and they will never die.


7. Wrap old bags over bangles for a unique bracelet.



It seems like you can make jewelry out of practically anything these days. This easy plastic bag bracelet will have you wearing a unique piece of jewelry in minutes!


8. Make “plarn” aka plastic bag yarn which you can turn into anything!



Ir recently learned how to knit which was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. If you have knitting needles, you can make some awesome creations out of plastic bag yarn.


9. Make an easy jump rope.



Okay, so a jump rope might be a little too “childish,” but you can braid together some plastic bags and hang them around your room for a cool and cheap way to decorate!


10. Create “recycled art” with thread and an old shopping bag.



This one might be a little tricky but how cool does that embroidered bag look?! You can sew designs into old bags in hang them around your room for a patterned piece of art that is totally unique.


11. Fuse plastic bags together and make a cute makeup bag.



Have you ever heard of fusing plastic bags? It’s a way to make the plastic more sturdy and stick together, and it’s surprisingly pretty easy! Here is a tutorial on how to make a makeup bag out of old plastic bags.


12. You can even make a tote out of fused plastic bags.




You can use it as a beach bag or a reusable shopping bag. The possibilities are endless!


13.  You can even turned fuse plastic bags into beads. BEADS!



Do you think people are going to believe these awesome beads are made out of plastic bags? Nope! Are they though? Yep!


Are you going to try any of these awesome plastic bag projects? Tell us in the comments!

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14 Cute Ways To Upcycle Plastic Bags

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