13 Of The Worst Things About Having Strict Parents In The Summer

Got strict parents? If so, you’ll know that having overly-strict parents is hard always, but it’s especially difficult during the summer. Summer, if you listen to the (admittedly unrealistic) ideals set forth by movies and TV, is supposed to be a carefree, idyllic time in which you stay out all night, sleep until noon every day, and spend your weekends on road trips and fun, spontaneous beach excursions that give you great life experiences and look great on Instagram.

But if you’ve got strict parents, your summer generally ends up being…not like that. You’ve got a curfew, after all, plus a requirement to get a summer job, and obligation to go with your family on the “vacation” to the family reunion in Wyoming that renders every carefree summer expectation virtually impossible. Summer is still fun, obviously, and you know your parents are only doing this because they love you, but still. It’s not awesome. So, if you’ve got strict parents–or just want to remind yourself how lucky you are that your own parents are pretty lenientcheck out the worst things about having strict parents in the summer: 

1. Everything you do has to be planned, like, weeks in advance.




2. Meaning that any last-minute parties, vacations, or road trips are completely off the table.




3. And your friends, whose parents aren’t as strict, don’t understand why you “just can’t convince them this one time.”




4. And if anyone suggests that you sneak out, you just laugh, because there is literally no way that would work ever ever ever.




5. You have to get a summer job–and make sure that you get lots of hours, too. 




6. One job not giving you enough hours? Looks like you have to get another one.




7. And on your off days, you can forget about an hours-long Netflix binge. You’ve got chores to do.




8. Other friends get to bring friends on vacation. Your parents laugh at you if you suggest inviting one of yours.




9. And if one of your friends invites you to go on vacation with them, your parents have to call their parents and go over the trip itinerary, what you’ll be eating, how much sun exposure you’ll get…you get the idea.



10. If you go to the pool or beach for, like, an hour, your mom bombards you with texts telling you that she “doesn’t know where you are” (she does, you told her) to “put on sunscreen” and “remember that you have to babysit your sister later” and “don’t stay out too late today.”




11. All of your friends get their curfew extended during the summer. Yours is the exact same as it was before.




12.  Either way, they make sure that you take pictures of the people you’re hanging out with everywhere you go.





13. And sometimes? Picture evidence isn’t even enough.



Do you have strict parents? Do you think summer is that hardest time to have strict parents? Let us know in the comments!

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