15 Hilarious Netflix Descriptions That Actually Make No Sense

Like everyone else on the planet, I am a person who happens to enjoy the video-streaming subscription service known as “Netflix.” This is something that you could probably assume, though–not because of who I am or the personality traits that I exhibit, but because Netflix, pizza, and, like, cats, I guess, monopolize the internet to the point where it is assumed that one must be wholly obsessed with all three, and to say that you do not like something like Netflix is flouting the very cinderblocks that hold the ‘net upright.

Anyway, part of the reason why I love Netflix so much is because of their video descriptions. They are often very ridiculous, sometimes intentionally, and more often not–either the result of some abysmal grammar mistakes, or an internal algorithm error that matches up the wrong movie descriptions with the wrong title. Part of me suspects that Netflix does this on purpose, because you never really see glitches of this nature on video-streaming sites like Amazon Prime or Hulu Plus (although that might simply be due to the fact that “Hulu Plus and hand job” never really achieved the same degree of notoriety as “Netflix and chill”), and it’s a good way to get people to promote and talk about your product without even knowing that they’re promoting it. But a comical algorithm glitch is a comical algorithm glitch, and who am I not to enjoy an algorithm glitch from one of my favorite website, no matter what its root cause may be? So, check out these hilarious Netflix descriptions that actually make no sense:

1. Sounds like the Bob Ross I know!


2. On the flipside:


3. Looks like *someone* at Netflix HQ has been spending a little too much time in the Pokemon gyms and not enough time hard at work:


4. I have a few follow-up questions, personally!


5. Well, yeah:


6. The plot thickens!


7. “Gripping,” indeed:




9. I’d watch:


10. Again–who wouldn’t watch this?


11. Personal story about me and the Netflix Orignal Series Peaky Blinders–before I started watching it, I assumed “peaky” and “blinders” were one of those charming, unneccessary English words like “peckish” that’s used as as a euphemism for a words like “hungry” that don’t even need to be euphemised. Nope! “Peaky Blinders” actually refers to razor blades that members of a vicious gang keep pinned in their hats at all times so they can easily gouge out the eyes of anyone who offends them. So, yeah. Now I know!


12. NOOOO:


13. LITERAL lol:


14. Perfect:



Did you LOL at any of these descriptions? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

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