7 Ways To Tell That You’re Getting A Bad Bikini Wax

For many people, the onset of summer is synonymous with one thing and one thing only: pubic hair. Or, to be more exact, pubic hair, its tendency to become more noticeable during the summer due to the increased prevalence of bathing suits and short shorts, and (for some people! Not everyone!) its subsequent removal.

Sorry if that is too graphic but, as everyone knows, I just love to keep it real. And, obviously, pubic hair removal can take many forms–shaving, sugaring, laser hair removal, whatever–but today I am here to talk about bikini waxes. Namely, all that can go wrong during bikini waxes, because there’s kind of a lot–it’s a process that involves very hot wax in a very delicate area, after all, so if you’re in some less-than-professional hands, it can go pretty poorly.

Recently, I myself underwent the summer pubic hair removal ritual at the Wax Club, a waxing membership service in New York City. I happened to get a particularly good bikini wax there (seriously, if you’re in New York, go!), but it made me realize that some of my past experiences have been…subpar. So, if you’re still looking to get a bikini or Brazilian wax, check out these signs that you aren’t getting a great one: 

The Studio Looks Like It Hasn't Been Cleaned In...Years

This might be the most obvious sign that you should run. If there is visible grime or a strange,difficult-to-place scent, get out.

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The Studio Is Hella Dark

Maybe the waiting area has some mood lighting going on. That's fine. But when you get to the actual room in which you are going to be waxed, it had better be well-lit AF (or, at the very least, have a spotlight-type lamp to use). Look for a bright, clean waxing studio that makes an effort to, you know, help its estheticians actually see what they're doing.

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You Feel Awkward Just For Being There

Bikini and Brazilian waxing is, by its very nature, awkward. You are naked from the waist down, on a table, with someone fiddling around with hot wax around your vagina. But a good esthetician will be able to make you feel at ease--they won't say "yikes" when they see what they have to work with and they won't stay silent throughout the process, making you wonder what the heck is wrong with your vagina why aren't they saying anything. Julia, my waxer at Wax Club, talked me through the process and about what was going on with my life. It was chill. I almost forgot that she was applying strips of wax on and around my labia.

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You Feel Like You're Being Rushed Through The Process

Obviously, the speed at which a bikini wax is finished is dependent upon how much hair you have, how much hair you want removed, etc. But you shouldn't be in and out in ten minutes--you esthetician should take some time to talk to you about what you'd like done, sterilize everything, walk you through the process of what they're going to do, and help clean you up afterwards, in addition to the actual waxing part.

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It's The Most Painful Thing You've Ever Experienced

A bikini or Brazilian wax is never going to be, like, painless. Pulling hair out from the roots hurts. But if you feel like your actual skin is being ripped off during each pull, and you waxer isn't really doing anything about this, this is a bad sign.

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They Push Products On You The Entire Time

There is nothing worse than having all of your pubic hair ripped out at its literal roots and having the person who has just done this to you try to push a four-ounce jar of their special, like, labia-softening cream on you for the low, low price of $49.99. FWIW, at Wax Club, they do not sell anything. FWIW, I enjoyed that.

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They Ask You If You'd Like Your Upper Lip Done, Too

I saw a tweet once that said this question is basically the "do you want fries with that?" of the waxing world, which is true, but it still hurts, you know?

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Are you getting a bikini wax this summer? Do you have any tips? Let us know in the comments!

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