10 Of The Dumbest Fights Real Couples Have Gotten Into

When you’re in a relationship it’s inevitable that you will get into some pretty stupid fights. Funnily enough, it’s rarely about the thing you’re actually fighting about. For example, if you blow up because your bae didn’t text you “good morning,” it’s probably because you feel a general lack of attention from your partner, and you haven’t communicated that yet. Sometimes it’s not even about the bigger issues – it’s just about one of you being really stubborn, or someone acting out because they’re in a really bad mood. Either way, getting into dumb fights like these aren’t fun for anyone. There’s nothing worse than being in a car with a couple who are bickering about directions or what song is playing on the radio. (“Don’t mind me, I’m just going to fling myself from this moving car while you two work this out.”)


If you’re in a relationship that consists of you and your partner arguing about some pretty pointless things, it might make you feel better to realize that you’re certainly not alone. You should of course figure out what the bigger issue might be, and learn how to communicate with each other. Maybe you should even consider ending things! But you should also read these seriously stupid arguments that actual couples have admitted to getting into. They’ll make you laugh and feel less alone – or maybe just feel terrified of relationships. Men and women shared their stupidest fights on these Reddit threads, and you’ve got to check them out:

A Parfait

Little_Lion: OMG- the parfait fight. I still can't bring it up. Let me tell you my biased version!

I was going to get brunch with a friend. I know my husband has the tendency to forget to eat until he gets really hungry and grumpy, so I offered to bring a parfait (a favorite food of his) home after brunch. I order the thing to go at the end of my meal, and on my way home I get a text from my husband saying he was going to lunch with some friends.

He actually ends up spending the whole day out - he and his friends got lunch, then ran around all day, and also had dinner together. Around dinner time, I get hungry and so I go get the parfait from the fridge. I admit, I'm a little peeved I got it in the first place if he was going to eat out twice that day. But whatever, at least I don't have to go back out to get dinner.

He walks in as I'm about to dig in and gets mad at me for eating something I got for him. Apparently he's been looking forward to it? Anyway, it devolved into tears and hours of fighting.

Anyway, I put it back in the fridge where it rotted because neither of us would eat it or throw it away out of spite. Finally my mom tossed it while cat-sitting and it was truly disgusting by that point.

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Who He Found Attractive

cracker32: I'm a woman and I have to admit this one was my fault. My SO (significant other) told me he found this other girl attractive, but to me she was so unattractive that I felt offended (like he was putting us into the same category or something).

We both acknowledged it was a stupid fight and I apologized for being weird afterwards, but thinking it now still makes me feel a bit off. I think a part of me was in shock, too, like "How can you find HER attractive??"

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thumper5: My ex-girlfriend and I once got into a brutal argument that lasted for days... over toothpaste.

We were living together and grocery shopping for the week when I put a tube of toothpaste in our basket. She huffed, put it back on the shelf, and snapped that she hated how forgetful I could be because we already had toothpaste. I jokingly told her we were about to run out and maybe she'd know that if she wasn't a middle-of-the-tube-squeezing animal. We nearly got into a screaming match at the supermarket over it.

I should also add that although I was totally in the right during our argument, I messed up a couple weeks later when I thought it had blown over and we could laugh about it. I bought a 12-tube value pack from Sam's and hid it under our bathroom sink as a joke, then slept on the couch for a few days.

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Chris Pine's Hotness Level

psycho-logical:  Flashback a few years. The new Star Trek had just come out. I am playing f*ck/marry/kill with my ex. She makes a comment about how Chris Pine is a 3 out of 10. She hates his thick eye brows. I defended his honor with something like, "WHAT, that's ridiculous. Have you seen him?!"

Thus began the gayest argument of my life.

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Whether Macaroni Was Pasta

Ooze: Whether macaroni and spaghetti are practically the same thing. She insisted that they're different while I tried to convince her that they're all basically just the same thing, pasta. This argument heated up and lasted like an hour or something.

It ended when we realized that this is in fact the dumbest thing you could possibly fight over.

We then cooked some pasta and laughed about it, we still laugh about it every once in a while.

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Which Side Of The Bed

Vitaminketchup: My ex went nuts because I wanted to sleep on the left side of the bed...in my own house. She literally had a temper tantrum and threatened to sleep on the couch or go home.

We are no longer together.

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Denying A Sexual Advance

myphoneisoff: I didn't want road head. She was pissed for hours.

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Space Missions

giant sloth: We got in a massive argument about whether manned space missions are a good thing. Ironically enough one of her current favourite films is Interstellar.

It ended in a stalemate, by which I mean it fizzled out into angry silence before we started a new topic of conversation.

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Macaroni-Making Techniques

CheetahLegs: I stirred macaroni and cheese too fast. Wasn't flying out of the pot, just arbitrarily too fast.

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Farting Too Loud

Booger-T: Farted too loud. Apparently her mother found it distasteful because of the sheer noise.

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What’s the dumbest fight you and your SO have gotten into? Let me know in the comments below!

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