9 Old Teen Movies With The Most ’00s Moments Ever

When we look back on movies from our childhood or just the general past, one of the first things we wonder–whether consciously or not–is whether or not the movie aged well. Were the special effects so 20 years ago that the movie is hard to watch? Is the trendy dialogue and fashion so dated that they’re distracting? Are there racist, sexist, or homophobic elements that might have been “acceptable” at the time, but make us cringe now? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then the movie probably didn’t age very well. I mean, even watching the first Harry Potter movie makes me wonder how much better Voldemort’s face would look on the back of Quirrel’s head today as opposed to 15 years ago. But, to be honest, so many of our favorite movies–ones we consider classics now–fit this bill too. Movies like The Breakfast Club and Clueless reek of the ’80s and ’90s respectively, and that’s part of their charm. A scene with Blink 182 playing in the background during American Pie is so 1999 it hurts, but it’s still fun to watch. All of this can be said of so many teen movies from the ’00s, too.

From some unfortunate style choices (why did we wear pants under dresses?), to obsolete technology (anyone still using an iPod?), to celebrity cameos that would only be cool in 2001 (are people still into Tony Hawk?), movies from the ’00s are rife with elements that just scream ’00s. If you want a little refresher, or a stroll down memory lane, check out this round up of 9 ’00s teen movies with the most ’00s moments ever.

What other movies have moments that scream ’00s? Tell us in the comments!

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